Monday, December 13, 2010

This Is Happening: Trying To Wrap Our Minds Around Creating Life.

Trying to soak it all in but I'm not sure it's been absorbed yet. For either of us. Maybe it just doesn't seem real because we were trying for so long. Or maybe it's because I don't feel any different aside from some mega-annoying heartburn. I still look like me. Still feel like me. But allegedly, I'm growing a human being. And not in a petri dish or anything.

Todd bought me my first pregnancy gift. It's been enlightening and terrifying.

I made my first doctor's appointment this morning. Once I did that, I felt the slightest twinge of being pregnant. Especially when they told me I'd have to put a credit card on file in case I had any outstanding costs post-delivery. I mean CLEARLY I knew I was eventually going to have to unleash this monster upon the world but having a medical professional tell me (officially) how many weeks I was and discuss post-delivery payment I'm going to have a baby.

Oh, the first appointment is January 11th. I guess at that time we'll actually be able to see/hear the heartbeat. Right now, the heart is like a 2 chambered blob that isn't doing much. Beating comes in the next week or so. Along with the liver! That'll be handy 21 years and 35 weeks from now. So the appointment is set and I just have to keep my head from exploding with thoughts or what could be wrong that we won't know about for 4 weeks. Luckily, I have Christmas and New Year's to occupy my time. Though nothing can shake the image that right now, my baby looks lke a sea monkey.

And next up? Telling my step-son he's going to be a big brother!

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  1. So this will be your 9th week appointment? Yeah, you should be able to heart monster's heart go thump. I had to wait until week 13. Booo. It's the most amazing thing to hear. You will shit.

    That book was a source of never-ending anxiety and false diagnoses. It occupied the toilet tank from July until October until I had to put it away for the sake of my own sanity. Still, it is a good thing to have.

    Oh, you should join an online Mommy Due Date Club and trade notes with other moms to be who are also due in August. Major time waster, but addictive. And is a great source for medically-approved information, resources, advice, etc.

    Get used to unsolicited advice. It will only get worse. *snort*