Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays: A Note To The Unborn Vol. 2

Merry Christmas, Baby Monster...

I just wanted to apologize for being down-n-out with some sort of cold or flu. I don't think it really affects you or anything but I'd like to be in a good mood while helping you grow. Right now I'm aching and miserable and I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me. I promise to try and pep up.

So I've learned a few more things about you that are YOU specific and not something I've been informed about by What To Expect. First off, you must be partially happy because you've taken the heartburn down a few notches. I appreciate that, especially while I'm trapped in Sick City. Secondly, you strongly dislike the smell of coffee, coffee breath, and our fireplace once the fire has been put out (the smell lingers in the house and closely resembles the scent of bacon, which is typically lovely).

Despite being repulsed by these aromas, you're still not inflicting morning sickness upon me. Thanks. We are just finishing up the 6th week which is when the cookie tossing can start for many women. Hopefully you and I can just skate through it. Teamwork, baby.

More people know about your impending existence and seem super pumped, especially your Aunt Stephanie and Aunt April. I hope you realize with your tiny developing brain that you're going to be surrounded by the coolest batch of secondary aunts, uncles and cousins around. You're predisposed to awesomeness. Your Uncle John Jackson is going to take some pics of me while you're cooking based off of these, and I'm uber-excited (though this broad got all her clothes donated by American Apparel, yuck, and I'm just me):

Pacing The Panic Room (scroll down a bit for the weekly pics).

Alright, well, it's Christmas Eve and I can't sleep so I think you and I will watch some Conan. I need you to get used to bouncing all over the place when I laugh. I have a HORRIBLE laugh and I laugh A LOT, especially during Conan. Think of it like in utero surfing. Oh, you did get a silly, little X-Mas present from your paternal Grandma. It's really more for us but it's cute because it's another symbol that you will eventually exist.

I also got your dad a Bouncing Souls t-shirt for Christmas and a matching onesie for you. I don't think they'll make it here in time for tomorrow (because some musicians are real jerkfaces) but it'll be a nice surprise for your dad when they arrive. Next Christmas, you'll be'll be 4 months old...and I promise to get you some badass presents. But probably not a lot because will you even really notice?

OK, it's Conan time! Buckle your safety belt!

Love you,


  1. I'm glad you're so giddy. It's comforting! And believe me, I'll take alllllll the advice I can get!