Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving Right Along: Mind-Blowing Facts About My Monster.

The 5th week of my pregnancy is over and the 6th week has begun. Bananas.

So far, the only signs that I'm cultivating life are the never-ending heartburn, some signs of "emotions", and a period that never showed up. If I could sail through the rest of my preggoness like this, it'll be a piece of cake. However, the book (What To Expect When You're Expecting, my new Bible) says morning sickness tends to show up in week 6 or 7. I'm going to have to employ the power of positive thinking.

The little monster is currently this big:

Big step up from the size of a poppyseed or a pen tip! So what else do we know besides how big Junior is? The nucleus of the brain has formed, there are legs and arm "buds", and the intestines and blood vessels are in place. The weird two-chambered baby heart is beating but it's totally spazzy and will be so until all the bits-n-pieces fuse. I guess the circulatory system is the first to get rolling. Makes sense.

All this amazing stuff is going on and the thing looks like this:

Horror movie in the making, am I right? But seriously, I'm not making fun of my future spawn. I'm just taking in so much creepy information right now and I could sit here babbling about the miracle of life, but I need to be me. It's freaky and I'm freaked. But I'm also incredibly happy and excited. I just wish January 11th (our first doc appointment) would get here so a medical professional could could confirm that things are running smoothly.

Only 3 weeks to go.

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