Monday, December 20, 2010

Cats Out Of The Bag: Telling More People The News.

Slowly but surely, we're spilling the news to more people. At first it was my immediate family, Todd's sister, and a few close friends. I know that waiting until you're further along is the smart thing to do (especially when you have an angry body like mine), but I wanted a support system. And MAN, if I didn't know before, I know now that my friends are simply the BEST.


Everyone we had told reacted so positively to the news that we decided to expand the circle of who knew. A few more friends, 2 of my aunts, and finally, Todd's parents and his son. That was a really great moment that took place yesterday at his family X-Mas at our house.

The plan was to just tell his parents. I had wrapped up little baby socks with skulls for them to open. I felt slightly bad that I had just told my mom (who told my dad) over the phone. But I couldn't hold out on telling her. Mere moments after the plus sign appeared, I had to call my mommy. Anyway, we were going to hold off on telling the kid he was going to be a big brother until X-Mas morning, but the time was just right. All 3 of them opened the socks and there was a lot of hugging and some tears (not from me, I'm a robot). We had a little toast and moved on with the day.

The kid asked if the baby could sleep in his room.  So the person who COULD'VE been the toughest critic is on board and pumped (he asked to call his own mother with the news but...yeah...that can wait).  So right now, in week 6, life is good.

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  1. He's getting a little brother (read: scapegoat, punching bag, worshipper, devotee, surrogate pet without the responsibilities, etc.). Of course he is on board!