Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashionista: Everyone Wants To Dress My Little Man

A lot of people want to dress Spencer (including ME!), and I love that. I love how many people are as excited about his existance as I am! Even people that I didn't expect to do loving and awesome things for him are, just going to show that I surround myself with the best people on the planet. He is going to be the luckiest (and best dressed) little boy in the world to have these people around him! And now, a fashion show of some of his newest wardrobe additions!

From my mom and dad for Easter as they know gray is my favorite color.

Easter gift from Grandma Mary and Grandpa Kenny.

Potential "home from the hospital" outfit bought by me. Still on the fence.

From Aunt Phee-Bizzle. I was hoping Spencer would get one!!

Amazing hat lovingly hand-made by Aunt Natalie Wille, Brother Ed's wife. Every time I look at these pictures, I want to cry. Anything hand-made comes straight from the heart. And sharks?? C'mon!

This reminded me of Todd the second I saw it!! Am I right???

A gift from mommy and daddy's Babymoon in the Big Apple!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speed Bump: The First Low After 24 Weeks of Highs.

Spencer is 24 weeks along and allegedly the size of an ear of corn, according to one website. Another still compares him to a papaya until he hits the 6 month mark next week. I really can't believe I've been pregnant for 6 months. The finish line seems closer and closer, which is fantastic. I had a dream about Spencer being in his crib last night and I'm just dying to see that vision in person!

Here's a vision for you...


Not too much of a change in my bod from 22 weeks, at least not from the outside (though the interwebs say my innie should be an outtie but it's tucked in where it should be). Inside, his facial features are filling in and he's getting some baby fat so he looks less like a beakless chicken. Still just gaining and growing. I'm growing, too, as I was up 4 more pounds at my appointment today. That puts the grand total to 10 pounds gained but due to some digestive issues I've been having, I'm guessing that number is going to drop. In fact, speaking of "drop", we've hit a little bump in the road...but I'll get to that momentarily.

For now, he's growing, he's squirming, and showing off. In fact, Todd shot a video of him showing off his moves while we were in NYC. It may be hard to see his ninja kicks-n-punches from this cell phone vid, but you can hear the happiness in our (and Aunt Sharon's) voices, which is equally as awesome!

And even though I posted this snapshot over at my day-to-day blog, it truly belongs here. Father and son in NYC. I was relaxing before we hit the town again and Todd came over to give my bump a sweet and comforting rub. Spencer knows when it's daddy's big, hot mitts on him and shows off. It's my favorite photo in the world officially.

Speaking of our NYC adventure, we had an amazing "Babymoon". I fell in love with Spencer's daddy all over again. We know each other so well that every time I had a sore muscle or achy back or just needed a little physical attention, he knew and gave me what I needed. I have to give myself a pat on the back (and the belly) for hoofing it miles and miles and miles every day and making the most of the time I had with my friends and that amazing city. It was fantastic and I can't wait to put Spencer in his I <3 NY onesie!

Now for something that's NEVER fun!

As I blathered earlier, I had an appointment today but it was an emergency stop off (our next appointment WAS scheduled for Monday). After 24 weeks of what I can only describe as a BAD ASS pregnancy, I had a little hiccup. I don't want to go into the details because they're uber-personal, but Tuesday and Wednesday were HORRIFIC days and took almost everything I had out of me. Hence the emergency trip to the doc.

I had to get an exam and was happy to hear that I have no bleeding and my cervix is shut tight. And my doc gave me some instructions on what to do to right the wrongs that my body has been going through. I'm to stay off my feet for a few days and then I can get back to business as usual!

But there was a tiny little concern about my fundal height (a.k.a. the measurement from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus which should be a centimeter for every week you are along). I'm measuring 2 weeks early, which my doctor wants to keep an eye on. It could just be because (oh the glamor of pregnancy) I'm "backed up", but it COULD be something more:

-Multiples (already ruled out)
-Error in conception date (since we were trying, we're confident in out date)
-Healthy but large fetus
-Gestational Diabetes
-Excess amniotic fluid
-Breech baby

I'll have a blood test in the next 2 weeks to test my sugar and hopefully rule out the Diabetes. And I'm just going to cross everything I have that if he IS breech, he takes his remaining time in utero to turn around. For now, there's no reason to worry. His heartbeat was perfect and he's busting moves like a maniac. We'll just see how my bump is measuring at the end of May. Then the appointments move to every two weeks...every milestone brings him closer to my lovin' arms!

And like me, he loves Lady Gaga's new song. Grooves whenever I jam "Judas".

That's my boy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Babymoon: Skipping Town With The Baby Bump.

At 23 weeks, Spencer is still the size of a papaya, just a slightly bigger papaya.

DEVELOPMENTAL FACTS: At this point in time, he can feel me dance, which I do, when I'm alone, or move however it is I move. He's about a foot long and over a pound in weight now. Allegedly, I might be able to see him squirm under my clothes. I've been feeling it (alllll nniiiiight looooong last night, especially circa 3:30am) but I have yet to see it. That my blow my mind right outta my head! His lungs are preparing to breathe when the time is right and his ears are recognizing loud noises, like my obnoxious laugh, I'd imagine.

And that's pretty much the scoop as of right now!

Taking him (because it's not like I can detatch my bump, nor would I want to) to NYC for a long holiday weekend. I've been feelings fantastic through this 2nd trimester, even Tessa gave me a pat on the back for how well I'm doing. All the energy I have (and the fact that I don't need bathroom breaks every 5 seconds) should make this for an easy-breezy fun time. Got to hook my man up with an "I <3 NY" onesie! It's our Babymoon. I won't say it's our LAST adventure...but it's the last for a little while. All sorts of adventures with Spencer lie ahead and I can't wait!

Enjoy your holiday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slightly Emo: A Note To The Unborn Vol. 5

My dearest and squirmiest Spencer:

I haven't written you a note since we found out you were a boy! Out little man. I'll be honest, having two sisters, I always imagined I'd WANT a girl. But when the ultrasound broad asked if I had any feelings about what you were, I KNEW you were a boy and I couldn't be happier! I knew all along. My special little guy. We've named you Spencer Lee Gansert. Spencer was a name I really liked...I like last names as first names...and Lee is my father's middle name. I think it's a strong name and a cute name, a name that will transition from boy to man. Your daddy and I can't WAIT to meet you...and your arrival is coming so SOON!!!

We (and your big brother) went to two places yesterday and registered for everything we could possibly need to take care of you, entertain you, keep you safe, help you grow. It was an awesome yet draining experience. Again, I'll be honest, I got pretty overwhelmed and very emotional. I haven't really had uncontrollable preggo emotions these 22.5 weeks, give or take a few commercials or songs making me tear up here and there. I've been pretty solid!

But for whatever reason, picking out gifts for you knocked the wind out of me and daddy had to give me some special attention. Screaming or crying, it could've gone either way right there in the middle of the store. But a little snuggle and squeeze, and a raspberry lemonade mellowed me out and we got the job done. You're going to have an AWESOME room, little dude. And I plan to do everything I possible can to give you an awesome life. You have my word on that.

I've learned your routines and am enjoying feeling all your twists-n-turning-n-kicks-n-flips! In fact, you're squirming right now! It doesn't last very long in the morning. I like to think it's you saying "Good Morning, mommy" and then drifting back to sleep. Daddy spends time rubbing my belly and gets to share in feeling you spazz out. We both love it. We both love YOU. I'm starting to "puff up", according to your big brother (who gives you a pat from time to time and says Hello to you), so it's starting to be more evident that you're in there. I love it.

I didn't especially love when daddy called me "fatty". I called him "tubs" in return. And I'm not really loving the return of Round Ligmanet Pain or the stiff back that just appeared yesterday. It's all making me fussy. But believe me, I know how lucky I've been this whole pregnancy. I'm tough. You're tough. We can deal with a little pain here and there, am I right??

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and record a little of what's going on these days as we await your arrival. I hope you're OK in there and that we're doing a decent jog of keeping you comfortable and comforted. It broke my heart when you got the hiccups last week...I wanted to soothe you but didn't know how. Just know we're thinking about you constantly and everyone is dying to meet you. You are WAY loved! For reals. And I'll do my best not to get emo and stress you out.

I love you, baby monster.

Your Crazy Mommy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Basics: Just Some Quick Tid-Bits After 22 Weeks.

I'm 22 weeks along! And Spencer is our little tropical papaya! "Papa's papaya!".

I just look like I've eaten one too many papayas, but I love it. I am officially totally in love with this belly. It sort of just happened last night as I was situating Spencer onto my pillow pet (Todd won't let me get a body pillow as he thinks it will replace him as bedtime...weirdo). I'm no longer looking like it was a long night at the bar. It looks (and feels - so very solid) like I'm growing someone (or a bomb, perhaps) in there.

My baby bump may not look like most women's but it's still awesome. After all, my body never looked like most women's anyway. I have a small waist, sturdy hips, and a my back has a major sway...which has always made clothes-buying a pain. Regardless, I love how it looks. I'm loving being pregnant right now. And if you look closely, you can see all my newly-visible veins. In person it looks like a kid scribbled on me with a blue crayon.

Not too much else to report. I think Spencer is settling into a sleeping rhythm. He says good morning with a punch or kick and then snoozes most of the day while I'm at work. When I start to chillax at home, he practices his ninja skills on my insides along with his acrobatics. This is usually when I rub my guts and then he seems to be soothed and is out like a light again. I appreciate that he doesn't keep me up all night. It would make my work days unbearable.

So let's talk "medical"...

My uterus is an inch above my belly button now and allegedly my feet could be bigger by now but they seem the same. Spencer is around a pound in weight (fatty) and he's working on his grip, using the umbilical cord as a tug toy. He can perceive light and dark through his eyelids and if I wanted to, I could shine a flashlight on my belly and treat him like an easily entertained Dalmatian. But I won't. And the hair that he has (because we knew 4 weeks ago that he already has hair) is bright white. Pigment comes later.

So that's the scoop! See you at 23 weeks!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue and Gray: Breaking Ground On the Spencer-Dome!

I'm still getting many comments about how un-pregnant I look. It doesn't really bother me because I wanted to BE pregnant, not necessarily LOOK pregnant. But my belly is definitely more round these days.  A perfectly round little pooch, housing a little boy who may be part octopus or squid. Here is an uncovered view from my POV that was sent to Todd at work (by unspoken request of Spencer, who had no intentions of sleeping).

This weekend we broke ground on the Spencer-Dome a.k.a. the nursery! We're almost done with our living room/dining room renovation so while buying our last supplies for THAT endeavor, we picked out colors for his room. Watching "Pregnant In Heels" with Rosie Pope made me NOT want to be the woman who had 4 weeks to go and no room or things for (or intentions of bonding with) her baby.

We decided to do 1 foot stripes in Hawaiian Blue and Ashes, otherwise known as light blue and light gray, despite Todd's best efforts to deck the room out in Browns' colors. Ick. I picked the blue, he picked the gray, and we were both super pumped when trying them out on the wall...and not just because blue and gray go really well with sharks. They're just nice, soft, boy colors that will look good with cool art work hanging over robots and UFOs, which might be our theme. We're starting to see cool stuff everywhere we look and we've even registered for a handful of things.

And speaking of "stuff", I went through a container of stuff my mom had saved from my childhood and found my baby blanket, a blanket she hand-made for me, and several of my most favorite friends from my early years, including the bear my dad brought me when I was born and Buddy the rabbit who always looked a little depressed. (actually, both my rabbits looked depressed...what was with late 70s/early 80s toys??). I'm going to clean them up and put them on a shelf in the Spencer-Dome. Give them a second life.

Thursday I'll be 22 weeks which I GUESS (according to all these maternity websites I check into) puts me at 6 months preggo. So check back on a Thursday for a snapshot of what a 6 months pregnant me looks like. At Carol's request, I will try and get a full body shot with my face in it, just so you know I didn't hijack a pregnant woman (with the same belly tattoos) to pose for pictures on my behalf!

Viva Spencer!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Risky Business: Chance of Miscarriage is Gone and Chance of Pre-Term Birth Begins.

So at this stage of the game, 21 weeks along, they (a.k.a. medical folk) no longer classify anything bad that might happen as a miscarriage. It is now considered pre-term birth. Either way, it ends the same and is equally as horrific, no matter what label you slap on it. I am so bananas in love with Spencer that I don't want to imagine him being anything but 100% awesome. So I won't. Even though I WILL because I'm ME and I worry. But things have been so good, so far. I have to keep on thinking it will continue as so.

And speaking of being bananas ("BANANA RAMA!"),
Allegedly stretch marks can start to show themselves but I haven't seen any and don't plan on it...power of positive thinking. Milk should start filling up my ever growing jugs about now so I'll probably have to get a new bra again. No complaints here. I love ridiculously huge boobs...and I got red paint on my 36 DD. Yep, I'm still me, even while pregnant.

But enough about me. Let's talk about Spencer.

He's got taste buds so he could possibly like the foods I'm eating after he's born. Last night it was all about Italian! Spero vi sia piaciuto il cibo italiano che abbiamo avuto per la cena, piccolo uomo!!! And it looks like the Italian food gave him the hiccups for the first time (that I could notice). I was all worried that I hadn't felt him flip-flop all day but he made up for it at night. He was rockin' out. But I felt SO BAD for him. I worried if he was uncomfortable. See? I worry.

Eyelashes, eyebrows, fingernails, and other fun little things are totally apparent. And his liver is starting to make bilirubin but because he can't use it just yet, excess is passed to me. Thanks buddy. Now if only I could use my super-strong liver to break down a cocktail! Ha!

Anyway, his skin is less transparent so he's not just a showcase of veins...BUT I AM! I can see ALL OF THEM. I can see pathways straight to my heart and it gives me the creeeeeps. I'll try and catch a snapshot of the creepiness. My heart freaks me out. I don't need to know what's going on with it. Regardless of its transparency, my skin looks fan-effing-tastic. I've been told by about 10 people this week that I officially have "the glow". I've always had pretty good skin but this is different. I look different and I like it. Thanks little baby!

Geez, this really has been all about me. Hmmmmm.

According to my doctor, at this point, it really is just "feed and grow".

So I'm going to go "feed and grow". See you at 22 weeks, unless there's news!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melon Head: What the Ultrasound Had To Say About My Monster's Dome.

Let's kick this off with a little "Cuteness To Remember", via Facebook:

Todd: You're hot.
Me: Say whaaaaaaaaat??
Todd: I just think you're hot. Sexy. BEAUTIFUL.
Me: Awwwww, thank you. I love you : )
Me: You know how to make a round gal feel good!
Carol: Get a room, you two!!
Me: Carol, I'm in our room...watching Law and Order SVU alone. Hubba hubba!
Carol: Whoa! Careful! This is too hot for Facebook!

And a little "Cuteness to Remember" from Todd that I forgot about, pre-ultrasound:

"I hope our baby is as beautiful as you".

So here we are, post our 4th appointment. It seems like there were so many more, maybe because we saw her when we were trying to get preggo and I had an additional appointment when I blacked out, plus there has been blood work and an outside ultrasound. Regardless, appointment number four had a little bit more meat than previous appointments because we got to go over the ultrasound results.

But our doc was running 50 minutes behind so there was some waiting.

Yep. He's reading a picture book about Surgical Menopause. Yeeeesh. Anyway, I peed in a cup so my sugar can be monitored,  weighed in (up 3 more lbs. so anyone who thinks I'm too small...I did that for YOU), and then we heard Spencer's heart rate ( a steady 141) before the doc came in.

When she did, she confirmed that after comparing the Integrated Serum Screening with the ultrasound, she feels confident that we can rule out Downs and the tube defects, etc.  She said 2 out of 100 women will get the wrong results but that I'm not one of them. Thank Buddha, Jesus, Zeus, Mother Nature, whoever.

She said that according to the ultrasound, Spencer is in the 44th percentile. Basically, out of 100 kids his age, 44 are smaller and 56 are bigger. So he's "average". Not too big, not too small. Just right! The only thing the ultrasound picked up was that the circumference of his melon is a little big in comparison to his body ("I wonder where he gets it from" - my father, a man with a large head that makes buying hats difficult). But she doesn't think he has a big head, if this makes any sense. She thinks his head is normal and that his body is small.

"He has my lean swimmers body", according to Todd.

Anyway, it looks like he's trucking along smoothly per usual. We made it another 4 weeks without anything horrific happening. I'm beginning to think that maybe this is my reward. After being so sickly my entire life, I'm having an uber-easy and happy pregnancy. I'll take it!  From this point on, she measures me  from pelvic bone to the top of the uterus and I should be a centimeter for every week I am a long. 21 weeks on Thursday, 21 centimeters today! Right on schedule.

Speaking of schedule...

We go back on May 2nd and get paperwork for my next round of blood work. Once we hit 28 weeks, the appointments go from every 4 weeks to every 2. Just another sign that it's getting cloooooooser! The shower being officially schedule for June 26th helped make time winding down a reality, too.

We did find out that we can have 4 additional adults in the delivery room. Why would I want 4 additional people in there watching a horror movie take place in my junk??? Maaaaaaybe if I really freak out, I might want a woman with me. My sister is a nurse so maybe her. And Tessa is usually incredibly calm, so maybe her (she can tolerate a horror show). But still...4? This ain't no Sock Hop, people!

So that's THAT. The update on my ever-squirming little squido!