Thursday, April 21, 2011

Babymoon: Skipping Town With The Baby Bump.

At 23 weeks, Spencer is still the size of a papaya, just a slightly bigger papaya.

DEVELOPMENTAL FACTS: At this point in time, he can feel me dance, which I do, when I'm alone, or move however it is I move. He's about a foot long and over a pound in weight now. Allegedly, I might be able to see him squirm under my clothes. I've been feeling it (alllll nniiiiight looooong last night, especially circa 3:30am) but I have yet to see it. That my blow my mind right outta my head! His lungs are preparing to breathe when the time is right and his ears are recognizing loud noises, like my obnoxious laugh, I'd imagine.

And that's pretty much the scoop as of right now!

Taking him (because it's not like I can detatch my bump, nor would I want to) to NYC for a long holiday weekend. I've been feelings fantastic through this 2nd trimester, even Tessa gave me a pat on the back for how well I'm doing. All the energy I have (and the fact that I don't need bathroom breaks every 5 seconds) should make this for an easy-breezy fun time. Got to hook my man up with an "I <3 NY" onesie! It's our Babymoon. I won't say it's our LAST adventure...but it's the last for a little while. All sorts of adventures with Spencer lie ahead and I can't wait!

Enjoy your holiday!

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