Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melon Head: What the Ultrasound Had To Say About My Monster's Dome.

Let's kick this off with a little "Cuteness To Remember", via Facebook:

Todd: You're hot.
Me: Say whaaaaaaaaat??
Todd: I just think you're hot. Sexy. BEAUTIFUL.
Me: Awwwww, thank you. I love you : )
Me: You know how to make a round gal feel good!
Carol: Get a room, you two!!
Me: Carol, I'm in our room...watching Law and Order SVU alone. Hubba hubba!
Carol: Whoa! Careful! This is too hot for Facebook!

And a little "Cuteness to Remember" from Todd that I forgot about, pre-ultrasound:

"I hope our baby is as beautiful as you".

So here we are, post our 4th appointment. It seems like there were so many more, maybe because we saw her when we were trying to get preggo and I had an additional appointment when I blacked out, plus there has been blood work and an outside ultrasound. Regardless, appointment number four had a little bit more meat than previous appointments because we got to go over the ultrasound results.

But our doc was running 50 minutes behind so there was some waiting.

Yep. He's reading a picture book about Surgical Menopause. Yeeeesh. Anyway, I peed in a cup so my sugar can be monitored,  weighed in (up 3 more lbs. so anyone who thinks I'm too small...I did that for YOU), and then we heard Spencer's heart rate ( a steady 141) before the doc came in.

When she did, she confirmed that after comparing the Integrated Serum Screening with the ultrasound, she feels confident that we can rule out Downs and the tube defects, etc.  She said 2 out of 100 women will get the wrong results but that I'm not one of them. Thank Buddha, Jesus, Zeus, Mother Nature, whoever.

She said that according to the ultrasound, Spencer is in the 44th percentile. Basically, out of 100 kids his age, 44 are smaller and 56 are bigger. So he's "average". Not too big, not too small. Just right! The only thing the ultrasound picked up was that the circumference of his melon is a little big in comparison to his body ("I wonder where he gets it from" - my father, a man with a large head that makes buying hats difficult). But she doesn't think he has a big head, if this makes any sense. She thinks his head is normal and that his body is small.

"He has my lean swimmers body", according to Todd.

Anyway, it looks like he's trucking along smoothly per usual. We made it another 4 weeks without anything horrific happening. I'm beginning to think that maybe this is my reward. After being so sickly my entire life, I'm having an uber-easy and happy pregnancy. I'll take it!  From this point on, she measures me  from pelvic bone to the top of the uterus and I should be a centimeter for every week I am a long. 21 weeks on Thursday, 21 centimeters today! Right on schedule.

Speaking of schedule...

We go back on May 2nd and get paperwork for my next round of blood work. Once we hit 28 weeks, the appointments go from every 4 weeks to every 2. Just another sign that it's getting cloooooooser! The shower being officially schedule for June 26th helped make time winding down a reality, too.

We did find out that we can have 4 additional adults in the delivery room. Why would I want 4 additional people in there watching a horror movie take place in my junk??? Maaaaaaybe if I really freak out, I might want a woman with me. My sister is a nurse so maybe her. And Tessa is usually incredibly calm, so maybe her (she can tolerate a horror show). But still...4? This ain't no Sock Hop, people!

So that's THAT. The update on my ever-squirming little squido!


  1. i'm not sure why, but i'd buy a ticket for that show. not that i want to watch from, up, below the bellybutton...

  2. If you're at the hospital when I get wheeled into delivery...you're coning in!!! But you can only look me in the eye!!!!

  3. I don't know why but this just totally made me cry. You guys rock and I'm incredibly happy for you:)