Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashionista: Everyone Wants To Dress My Little Man

A lot of people want to dress Spencer (including ME!), and I love that. I love how many people are as excited about his existance as I am! Even people that I didn't expect to do loving and awesome things for him are, just going to show that I surround myself with the best people on the planet. He is going to be the luckiest (and best dressed) little boy in the world to have these people around him! And now, a fashion show of some of his newest wardrobe additions!

From my mom and dad for Easter as they know gray is my favorite color.

Easter gift from Grandma Mary and Grandpa Kenny.

Potential "home from the hospital" outfit bought by me. Still on the fence.

From Aunt Phee-Bizzle. I was hoping Spencer would get one!!

Amazing hat lovingly hand-made by Aunt Natalie Wille, Brother Ed's wife. Every time I look at these pictures, I want to cry. Anything hand-made comes straight from the heart. And sharks?? C'mon!

This reminded me of Todd the second I saw it!! Am I right???

A gift from mommy and daddy's Babymoon in the Big Apple!!

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