Monday, April 18, 2011

Slightly Emo: A Note To The Unborn Vol. 5

My dearest and squirmiest Spencer:

I haven't written you a note since we found out you were a boy! Out little man. I'll be honest, having two sisters, I always imagined I'd WANT a girl. But when the ultrasound broad asked if I had any feelings about what you were, I KNEW you were a boy and I couldn't be happier! I knew all along. My special little guy. We've named you Spencer Lee Gansert. Spencer was a name I really liked...I like last names as first names...and Lee is my father's middle name. I think it's a strong name and a cute name, a name that will transition from boy to man. Your daddy and I can't WAIT to meet you...and your arrival is coming so SOON!!!

We (and your big brother) went to two places yesterday and registered for everything we could possibly need to take care of you, entertain you, keep you safe, help you grow. It was an awesome yet draining experience. Again, I'll be honest, I got pretty overwhelmed and very emotional. I haven't really had uncontrollable preggo emotions these 22.5 weeks, give or take a few commercials or songs making me tear up here and there. I've been pretty solid!

But for whatever reason, picking out gifts for you knocked the wind out of me and daddy had to give me some special attention. Screaming or crying, it could've gone either way right there in the middle of the store. But a little snuggle and squeeze, and a raspberry lemonade mellowed me out and we got the job done. You're going to have an AWESOME room, little dude. And I plan to do everything I possible can to give you an awesome life. You have my word on that.

I've learned your routines and am enjoying feeling all your twists-n-turning-n-kicks-n-flips! In fact, you're squirming right now! It doesn't last very long in the morning. I like to think it's you saying "Good Morning, mommy" and then drifting back to sleep. Daddy spends time rubbing my belly and gets to share in feeling you spazz out. We both love it. We both love YOU. I'm starting to "puff up", according to your big brother (who gives you a pat from time to time and says Hello to you), so it's starting to be more evident that you're in there. I love it.

I didn't especially love when daddy called me "fatty". I called him "tubs" in return. And I'm not really loving the return of Round Ligmanet Pain or the stiff back that just appeared yesterday. It's all making me fussy. But believe me, I know how lucky I've been this whole pregnancy. I'm tough. You're tough. We can deal with a little pain here and there, am I right??

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and record a little of what's going on these days as we await your arrival. I hope you're OK in there and that we're doing a decent jog of keeping you comfortable and comforted. It broke my heart when you got the hiccups last week...I wanted to soothe you but didn't know how. Just know we're thinking about you constantly and everyone is dying to meet you. You are WAY loved! For reals. And I'll do my best not to get emo and stress you out.

I love you, baby monster.

Your Crazy Mommy

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  1. this damn blog always makes me cry
    love you guys<3