Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue and Gray: Breaking Ground On the Spencer-Dome!

I'm still getting many comments about how un-pregnant I look. It doesn't really bother me because I wanted to BE pregnant, not necessarily LOOK pregnant. But my belly is definitely more round these days.  A perfectly round little pooch, housing a little boy who may be part octopus or squid. Here is an uncovered view from my POV that was sent to Todd at work (by unspoken request of Spencer, who had no intentions of sleeping).

This weekend we broke ground on the Spencer-Dome a.k.a. the nursery! We're almost done with our living room/dining room renovation so while buying our last supplies for THAT endeavor, we picked out colors for his room. Watching "Pregnant In Heels" with Rosie Pope made me NOT want to be the woman who had 4 weeks to go and no room or things for (or intentions of bonding with) her baby.

We decided to do 1 foot stripes in Hawaiian Blue and Ashes, otherwise known as light blue and light gray, despite Todd's best efforts to deck the room out in Browns' colors. Ick. I picked the blue, he picked the gray, and we were both super pumped when trying them out on the wall...and not just because blue and gray go really well with sharks. They're just nice, soft, boy colors that will look good with cool art work hanging over robots and UFOs, which might be our theme. We're starting to see cool stuff everywhere we look and we've even registered for a handful of things.

And speaking of "stuff", I went through a container of stuff my mom had saved from my childhood and found my baby blanket, a blanket she hand-made for me, and several of my most favorite friends from my early years, including the bear my dad brought me when I was born and Buddy the rabbit who always looked a little depressed. (actually, both my rabbits looked depressed...what was with late 70s/early 80s toys??). I'm going to clean them up and put them on a shelf in the Spencer-Dome. Give them a second life.

Thursday I'll be 22 weeks which I GUESS (according to all these maternity websites I check into) puts me at 6 months preggo. So check back on a Thursday for a snapshot of what a 6 months pregnant me looks like. At Carol's request, I will try and get a full body shot with my face in it, just so you know I didn't hijack a pregnant woman (with the same belly tattoos) to pose for pictures on my behalf!

Viva Spencer!

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