Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Basics: Just Some Quick Tid-Bits After 22 Weeks.

I'm 22 weeks along! And Spencer is our little tropical papaya! "Papa's papaya!".

I just look like I've eaten one too many papayas, but I love it. I am officially totally in love with this belly. It sort of just happened last night as I was situating Spencer onto my pillow pet (Todd won't let me get a body pillow as he thinks it will replace him as bedtime...weirdo). I'm no longer looking like it was a long night at the bar. It looks (and feels - so very solid) like I'm growing someone (or a bomb, perhaps) in there.

My baby bump may not look like most women's but it's still awesome. After all, my body never looked like most women's anyway. I have a small waist, sturdy hips, and a my back has a major sway...which has always made clothes-buying a pain. Regardless, I love how it looks. I'm loving being pregnant right now. And if you look closely, you can see all my newly-visible veins. In person it looks like a kid scribbled on me with a blue crayon.

Not too much else to report. I think Spencer is settling into a sleeping rhythm. He says good morning with a punch or kick and then snoozes most of the day while I'm at work. When I start to chillax at home, he practices his ninja skills on my insides along with his acrobatics. This is usually when I rub my guts and then he seems to be soothed and is out like a light again. I appreciate that he doesn't keep me up all night. It would make my work days unbearable.

So let's talk "medical"...

My uterus is an inch above my belly button now and allegedly my feet could be bigger by now but they seem the same. Spencer is around a pound in weight (fatty) and he's working on his grip, using the umbilical cord as a tug toy. He can perceive light and dark through his eyelids and if I wanted to, I could shine a flashlight on my belly and treat him like an easily entertained Dalmatian. But I won't. And the hair that he has (because we knew 4 weeks ago that he already has hair) is bright white. Pigment comes later.

So that's the scoop! See you at 23 weeks!

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