Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Big News: Being Naked At The Most Important Moment Of My Life.

I'm expecting my period tomorrow. I'm expecting to start taking the Clomid on Tuesday.

My step-son is at Kalahari overnight so we're on our own. The plan was to get some good looking steaks and all of the fixins, stay in our pajamas all day, and watch episode of 30 Rock all night. "Chill Night", as we call it, is a fantastic and healthy ritual in our house. But it looks like our grilling will have to hold off until tomorrow's football game because tonight, we're celebrating.

Of COURSE I would get a positive pregnancy test 72 hours before I'm supposed to start fertility drugs! And of COURSE I would have to be completely naked the moment that beautiful pink plus sign showed up (Todd was naked when he proposed so I guess it's out lot in life to be naked during important moments).

I grabbed a test while we were rustling up groceries and Todd tried to talk me out of it, just told me to wait it out. Neither of us were banking on success this month. But I do what I want. Duh. I headed up to take a shower, very unglamorously peed on a stick, and there it was. I ran nakedly, jugs bouncing in the wind, to the landing and yelled for my hubby who was vacuuming. He turned and watched me shake the stick in the air like a spazz, and he sprinted up. We looked together (several times), he confirmed it was a plus sign and not my brain obsessing, and we hugged (yep, still naked).

We did it! On our own. We're going to be parents. HOLY COW.

It's very early right now so we're keeping it under our hats (hence why this post, and some to follow, won't appear as posted for a few more weeks). My body hates me and has hated me forever so I'm totally freaking that something will go wrong. But I've told the 2 friends in my life that I talk to on a daily basis, my "little sis", and my mom, who is very excited. I've got a great support system. I have no doubt they're pumped for me, especially since one of them almost deafened me with her cheers of joy.

Who else is pumped? My adorable husband! He wanted this as much as I did.

So Monday morning, I'll call my doc and make my first appointment for...whenever that's supposed to be. I'm 4 weeks today so I'm guessing it's too early. Did you know that at 4 weeks, my baby is the size of a poppyseed?? That's bananas. Saying "my baby" is also bananas. Without going to medical school and without any confirmation from my doctor, I'm guessing my due date is August 20th. Looks like me and my ginormous self will be spending a lot of time in the pool this summer.

I can't believe that after all this time, all this waiting, all these HOOPS, it turns out what was holding us back was a low-grade prostate infection with no visible symptoms that was cleared up after 10 days of antibiotics. As soon as his prostate was back to normal, BOOM, I got pregnant. A-MAZ-ING. And slightly annoying. I mean, a whole year of trying and all it was was a simple infection? Hell, at least the trying was fun.

My eggo is preggo and I'm on cloud nine.

ME, an hour after the crazy news, 4 WEEKS:


  1. I'm am so fuggin' excited and happy and shit that I want to spit and throw stuff. OMFG!! You guys...good job! Yeah, that prostate can be a rude intruder, we found out. But it's a good thing because Bob's moody prostate alerted us to other problems (food allergies...who knew?).

    Anyway, I am sooo looking forward to your baby bump pictures. Wait til you read that your little monster becomes the size of the next food item and the next. It's so much fun!

    I'm glad the cat's out of the bag. You have no idea how I had to practically sew my lips shut and stay away from your FB to avoid saying something stupid. I'm good with confidentiality but I have baby news is my weak spot, for sure.


  2. so so SO happy for you!!! i knew it when you called me that. my brain said "lacey hates the phone. she must be knocked up."