Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pass-n-Fail: Test Results Come Rolling In.

I know I typically blather about baby every I will tomorrow when I hit 30 WEEKS, holy cow...but I forgot to talk about the tests I had done this past Friday. So consider this a Special Edition, something to hold you over until you get your weekly fix.

This past Friday, I went to the hospital for two 3rd trimester tests:

1. The 1 Hour Glucola Test a.k.a. Glucose Tolerance Test -  this test checks for gestational diabetes (which unlike other forms of diabetes is associated with pregnancy and typically disappears following delivery. During the test, I had to drink a glucose solution that tasted like uber-sugary orange soda (I hate orange soda, just my luck) within 5 minutes but I squashed it in probably 60 seconds. Then you chiiiiiill for an hour while waiting for a blood draw with no food, liquids, or wandering too far (some women vomit of pass out...then you have to start all over again).

This test made me feel deeeeeeeeerunk! Utterly sugar high and jittery. And the problem with the test is that even if some indicators showed up in my results, that didn't necessarily mean I had gestational diabetes. It meant that I'd have to do a 3 hour test that involved fasting and I hear from friends is pretty rank. I've got to be honest...I was a little worried that I'd fail since Spencer and I seem to be sugar junkies at the moment. I didn't want to make it this far with flying colors and then get a major complication. And the word "diabetes" scares me.

RESULTS: I passed! No 3 hour test for me! All is good!

2. H & H Test a.k.a. Hemoglobin & Hematocrit Test: This test was easy breezy. Just a blood draw they performed while sucking me dry during the glucose draw. It checks for anemia during the 3rd trimester, which can be very common. I guess it's normal for your iron levels to drop towards the end pregnancy but your medical professionals want to be sure it doesn't drop TOO low causing you to possibly need a transfusion during delivery.

RESULTS: I failed! Or, I was LOW. So I'll take a daily iron supplement. No big thang.

So there you have it. I passed the test that really mattered to me so that's what counts. And I've got 10 weeks to boost my iron levels so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I HAVE been losing sleep in general though thank to the dull back pain, the full bladder and yesterday, the swishy stomach, but that wasn't Spencer related. I think something I ate had it's way with my insides.

So until tomorrow...

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