Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lucky Seven: The Clock Begins To Wind Down With 2 Months To Go.

Today I am officially 7 months (29 weeks) pregnant. The finish line is visible.

According to books/the interwebs/phone apps, Spencer is (or could/should be) close to 3 pounds and a little over 16 inches long. Muscles, lungs, head-n-brain are trucking along developmentally. The brain is even starting to get it's wrinkled maze shape. Luckily, I get more calcium then any one person should be allowed because he needs it right now, along with vitamin C and protein. What baby wants, baby gets. And baby is getting more fat so he doesn't look like a weathered old man when he's born (in approximately 11 weeeeeeks).

And fat = energy so Spencer is stronger and therefore...beating the bejesus out of me with more intensity and less randomness, lots of knees and elbows, or so they say. And "they" are right! He is moving far more than before and in a far different manner and he responds to EVERYTHING. I had some Skittles and the monster was all kinds of jacked up (even if Todd said if was his way of telling me he doesn't want to watch Project Runway). And speaking of Skittles, his permanent teeth are forming in his gums this week. So creepy. There weren't teeth and now...there are. Out of no where. Pregnancy is so insane.

As for me, the mom-to-be, I'm still dodging a lot of bullets. I haven't fallen into a 3rd trimester slump (though there are still plenty of weeks for that), my energy is up, my moodiness is low, my belly button remains in place, and I can see my feet...they don't look swollen at all! I AM, however, struggling in some areas. Still wrestling with constant back pain. It's not the end of the world but it's not at all awesome either. Realizing that my body can't physically do some things that I want it to...bend over, stand for long periods, etc. And I'm having trouble with heat, but heat and I never really meshed. The air conditioning is on and the pool is full so hopefully this discomfort can be altered.

But how do I alter a baby who MIGHT have an appendage of some sort up under my ribs? That is one theory of why I'm having a seriously bizarre and unwelcome pain on the left side of my "bump" that's not like anything I've ever felt before. Another theory is that it's one of those Braxton-Hicks practice contraction thing-a-ma-jigs. I don't know. I can't say for sure. I can just say that the days of being able to breathe normally are ka-put. But I'll take some skewed breathing and an annoying pain over some of the pregnancy horror stories I've heard. No doubt.

At least I was able to build his changing table before I became semi-useless!

So that's where we're at right now. 2 months/11 weeks to go and a lot on the agenda, including the baby shower. I can't wait to see my girlfriends and celebrate this dude that I am dying to meet! I'm not so much dying to go to my 1 hour glucose test tomorrow (checks for gestational diabetes and required me to drink a disgusting sugary solution within 5 minutes, followed by a blood draw an hour later). If we're in a text relationship, expect to get some because I will need to be entertained during this weirdness.

Did I mention that pregnancy is weird?

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