Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Dude: A Special Day For Spencer's Daddy.

Sunday was Father's Day and I wanted to make it as special as I could for Todd. Yes, he's been someones father for 10 years now but it's the first Father's Day that involved something that we spawned together. Spencer is the single most important thing to me. The most important thing I have done or created in my entire life. And Spencer would not be brewing away in my guts without Todd. The least I could do was make sure he felt special for one day.

Presents from Aiden, Spencer and me.

Aiden and Dad.

From (and for) Spencer. It says "Daddy and Me". Check out the feet!!

From Aiden and Spencer.

Another gift from his boys.

Lovingly painted by his wife and boy, was he surprised!

And he loved it...thank goodness!

Spencer and Dad (sorry, Spencer couldn't be pictured without ME).

So there you have it. We showered him in love, cards and presents, and had a fun family cookout with my family (I was glad we got to spread some love and appreciation to my own dad who really deserves some recognition). It was cute to see Todd making a note that said "Spencer's 1st Father's Day" on the card I filled out on his behalf. And nothing is official unless it's on Facebook so Spencer left him a note from the womb saying, "Happy Father's Day, Daddy. Love, Spencer" to which he replied, "Thank you, my son. I love you." Yeah. How can you not love THAT?? Next year, a 9 month old Spence will get to take part in celebrating Todd, too, and I can't WAIT.

So Happy Belated Father's Day to all you cool dads out there. We couldn't do it without you!

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