Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Shower: The First Party In Spencer's Honor.

Sunday was Spencer's baby shower and we were surrounded by friends and family, truly awesome people who were cool enough to come out and celebrate our little man. We can't thank everyone enough for the effort they put in, especially my mom and my aunt who did a bulk of planning and preparing. It was a beautiful day out and the whole affair was quick and painless for all! And man, was this kid spoiled rotten! It gave me the warm-n-fuzzies to see the lengths to which people went for us. We're lucky ducks.

We spent the rest of Sunday and all day yesterday (I took a personal day so I didn't totally wreck myself) opening and organizing his loot and getting the Spencer Dome ready for his arrival. That's one major task off our To-Do list so my brain feels slightly lighter. If he shows up early, his room is ready and waiting for him...and it is officially my favorite room in the house. But more about the Dome another time! It's picture time, for posterity!

Aunt Little Jen made the delicious and beautiful cupcakes...strawberry, key lime, vanilla (with ROBOTS!) and hot cocoa. When I'm nervous, I can't really eat so I have one of each waiting for me at home.

I can't figure out why these are sideways. I've tried uploading them a gazillion times. Regardless, these are the favors that my sister made! Robot bookmarks with Spencer's name and chocolate-covered graham crackers that said "Lacey's Baby Shower" with the date and an adorable picture of Bender as a baby with Spencer's name on the bottle. LOVE THEM! I frames one of each of the Spencer Dome and put one of each in his save box.

Everyone was asked to write a message to Spencer (or me and Todd) and then a puzzle was put together. My favorite message would be from Aunt Alyse and it read, "When you can stand, we'll teach you to do The Robot!" There were definitely plenty of gems.

Aunt Becky and moi. I was asked where I was hiding the baby. I like being pregnant and I like my bump, even if I just looked like I add a little basketball. Maybe he'll be just the right size and spare my junk any major destruction!

Tessa is my oldest friend (we met in Kindergarten) and Spencer's godmother. He bought her a Pandora charm bracelet (expensive taste my boy has) and will add charms for special occasions in her life. To start, she got a T for Tessa for being his godmother and a ghost (as in "Holy Ghost") for the baptism. The black-n-white spacer was just to add a little flash. I look forward to them having this bond through jewelry. Though he better get a job ASAP!

My sisters loaded him up with books and an awesome bookshelf! Wendy (in the middle), her husband and her 2 kids each picked their favorite book and wrote a message to Spencer inside. My brother-in-law gave him a Little Black Book and wrote "I hope you get a lot of numbers" inside. Awesome!

I addition to a KICK-ASS hand-made robot blanket, Aunt Jen May made him this bib which reminds me both of the Chung Wah sign she helped me win at an auction AND the cooking class we took at Stir Crazy. She is so talented, I could just die.

Aunt April and Uncle DAB got him, among other awesomeness, his first pair of shoes. Guess my mom's dream for him to be a normal baby went out the window!

Probably my favorite gift, my mom hand-made my skeleton family: me, Spencer, Aiden and Todd. The veil I'm wearing was made out of my mom's 1968 wedding cake topper. When she told me that, I almost cried. ALMOST. We appreciated everything but the hand-made stuff was really chock full of love. I must be buried with these.

I told you he was spoiled rotten! My car was stuffed to the gills!

And this is just a FRACTION of the clothes he received...which included 3, count 'em, 3 Ramones shirts in various sizes so he never grows out. Aunt Phoebe is grooming him to be a proper hooligan, ADIDAS footies and all.

So those are the pictures I have for now. There may end up being a Baby Shower blog, part 2 as pictures people took filter in. I was just really touched and am super relieved that he has what he needs. Anything he doesn't have, we can surely live without for now. His baby monitor, sounds machine, glider, etc., are all on their way thanks to gift cards and such. I was really nervous because, believe it or not, I get shy, but it was great and my mind was blown. Spencer is the luckiest little boy on the planet, without a doubt.

A huge thanks to everyone who made his day so kick-ass. I love all y'all!!!

And so will Spencer!

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