Friday, June 17, 2011

Catching Up: Just Some Basics Without Any Drama.

So as you know by now, Spence Baby and I had a little drama yesterday which means I had to skip over my typical weekly update. So I'm here to play a quick game of catch-up before putting my feet back up with Gray's Anatomy and Adult Swim. I've barely left the couch today because every anything I've felt has my mind going in circles!

And awaaaaaaaaaaay we go!

I'm now 31 weeks along and Spencer is...I don't really even know what fruit he's the size of. One site says a head of lettuce, one site says a squash. So who knows? I know he's a little over 3 pounds and about 18 inches, almost at his birth length. He'll put on about 3 - 5 more pounds before his birthday and he's now perceiving things with all 5 of his amazing senses. Plus, his Ivy League-bound brain is just becoming more and more impressive! The web says he's sleeping more but I think that's bullshit. The past week he's been more active than he has this entire pregnancy.

As for me, I'm having a little more trouble breathing but that means nothing to me after all this contraction nonsense. I can deal with some shorter breaths. And "they" say I've probably gained between 21-27 pounds but I'm not even close. That will probably change as he continues to bulk up for his big debut. "They" also say I'm probably feeling anxiousness and excitement...and they're right about that. I'm feeling a little of both, especially after yesterday. But I feel a sense of calm when I walk past his room and see where he'll grow. Todd is putting the last piece of furniture together for him.

It looks like you might be getting more updates from this point forward. Father's Day is Sunday and I bought presents on Spencer's behalf, plus there's a cookout that day. So there will be some documentation needed of that event. Monday I'll be seeing my OB/GYN to she what she thinks about my hospital stay so I'll be blathering about THAT, too. Then it'll be Thursday and I'll be at the 32 week mark, followed by the baby shower (which is my "we MUST make it this long" mark). So more baby-related events equals more blog-blather.

So stick around. And wish me some luck.

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