Monday, June 6, 2011

Nesting Like a Champ: Summer Is Ready When You Are.

I kicked ass and took names this weekend...and then I whined and cried about how my body ached and I got a terrible night's sleep. But I guess that's the price you pay for accomplishing more than just a record number of hours of reality television (Not Jersey Shore...I'm talking Project Runway and Top Chef...CLASSY reality television).

Nesting is a fascinating thing that grabs hold of you and takes off. My living room and kitchen are clean to an eerily spotless degree but this wasn't just day-to-day cleaning. I typically don't wash our fireplaces bricks or wipe down the inside of every cupboard or the covers of every cookbook. Our tree lawn is overflowing with...stuff. How do people accumulate so much STUFF? Why is stuff so awesome to HAVE?

Point is, while Todd was sweating his face off doing yard/patio/pool work, I pulled my weight inside and while right now I'd take it all back to relieve my physical discomfort, I'm glad I did it. How's THAT for a run-on sentence? I've been stressed about getting home projects done in the next...10 weeks and 3 days...and this weekend, I knocked a lot out. There's a light at the end of the tunnel where Castle Grayskull is concerned and I still haven't buckled under the weight of the 3rd trimester. My mind is temporarily at ease despite our overwhelming (but awesome) upcoming summer schedule.

Speaking of summer, here is what this year's bikini body looks like:

I tried on ample amounts of 1 piece suits and tankinis but I looked ridiculous and got very I tend to do when shopping. So I thought, "Hey, I like the bump. Todd likes the bump. Why am I trying to cover up?? The LAST thing I'm going to be worried about as it gets hotter is how I look in my bathing suit!"  So...there you have it. And you also have THIS, Spencer's first swim trunks, from Grandma Sandy. The rec starts offering swimming lessons at 6 months and to ease everyone's minds (including my own) about us having a pool and an infant, Spencer and I will be there:

We're managing to fit some summer fun into our house renovating scheduled and this weekend we had dinner with the family for my nephew's graduation. My mom mentioned that she'll be 83 when Spencer graduates from high school...and then said she'll probably be dead (NOT COOL MOM!). I've been marvelling lately about how time was just yesterday that my nephew was Indiana Jones for Halloween and was carrying his Winnie the Pooh with him everywhere he went. I blinked and he graduated high school. I'm going to blink and Spencer's going to be an adult. Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to get him out in the world. He can stay in the over a while longer. I don't want to blink and miss anything.

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