Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Comfy: Trying To Clock Some Hours In Dream Land.

Last week, I had no idea what fruit/veggie/food stuff Spencer was the size of. But I've been informed by another preggo chick's blog that at 31 weeks, he was the size of 4 oranges. Are they small, are they large...I can't tell you. But allegedly, that's how big my little bruiser was.

This week, 32 weeks to be exact, he is the size of jicama, which is really coincidental. My pal John Jackson and I were just discussing jicama. Neither of us knew what it was so I did some research and learned it's kind of like a water chestnut or a radish...therefore, it is disgusting, and the furthest thing from Spencer. Regardless, this week he is about the size of one of these nasty...vegetables? It doesn't really seem to be bigger than 4 oranges though.

At 32 weeks, my boy is pretty much at his birth length which should at least be around 19 inches and he's weighing in at around 4.5 pounds which is awesome. I want him to be as big and healthy as he can be!  "They" say he can even double in size between now and mom DID predict a 9 pound bundle of joy! This week, his Immune System is all in place...unless he's like his mommy, then he's doomed. And amniotic fluid is at it's maximum now so they're less juice to cushion his ninja activities.

And in the land of ME, it's said that insomnia affects about 75% of moms during the third trimester but it's not really insomnia that's my problem. Even my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome hasn't been an issue...I've actually had MORE energy during my pregnancy, including now. I'm just uncomfortable and FUSSY! Then there are frequent bathroom trips and then trying to get back into a comfy spot when the Round Ligament Pains and (I think) contraction cramping hits at night. Once I find that comfy spot, I'm out like a light again. There's just a lot of hunting going on during the night. The pillow between the knees is helping.

An additional help to my night time troubles has been the adjustment in my work schedule. I cut my days down by an hour and half, which may not sound like much (but it's IS when I was clocking 10.5 hour days). But it's been 2 days and I can already feel the difference. By the time I start feeling irrationally fussy at work, it's time to hit the road. And I have some extra time while I'm there to relax, settle, and empty my mind in order to get some quality snoozing in. I feel really good about it...even if it makes me feel incredibly lazy. I'm going to embrace the laziness because in no'll vanish!

Baby Shower is this weekend which is a milestone we need to hit! I'm in such a panic about him coming early and us being unprepared but things are looking MORE than good that I won't be dropping any bombs before Sunday. I'm keeping everything crossed that this is the case...especially my legs. To my girlfriends out there, I really can't WAIT to see your sexy faces! It's been far, far too long!

Time for morning meds and the countdown until my long weekend begins!

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