Friday, June 10, 2011

Dirty Thirty: 10 Weeks Until We Meet Our Son.

He may be as big as one, but don't call him a cabbage patch kid! A typical baby at 30 weeks is around 3 pounds and 16 inches. Todd and I were talking about our measurements when we were born and it was eerily close. He was 7 lbs. 7 ounces and 19 inches long. I was 7 lbs. 8 ounces and 20 inches long. "Twinsies", according to Todd. My mom predicts Spencer will be 9 pounds. God help my vagina.
At this point in time, my boy is 75% done cooking. Time has flown in a way that I can barely describe. It's been amazing. Pregnancy in general is fascinating, am I right moms out there? One day, there was nothing, and today, there's an ever-developing baby boy in there. I'm not getting hippie on you but it truly is something! I've created a human being out of thin air! From scratch! I'm like a MAGICIAN! Ha!

He's still just feeding and growing pretty much. His vision is developing though it will still be fuzzy when he's born ( me time to get my face on). Other than that, he's just rocking and rolling in there. As for me, while the rest of my body may have remained the same, I'm for SURE rockin' a bump...and I love it. My back doesn't love it. Neither does my tailbone. That's become a daily struggle, but I need to remember not to complain because I've breezed through this and we're in the home stretch. 

*I had just woken up and therefore I am covered in sleep lines, ha*

Oh, you know what else is fascinating? Braxton-Hicks! Yep. It's on. They're prepping my uterus for the big event. I wouldn't say they HURT exactly but they're also not boatloads of fun. I can pretty much walk them off or rub them out (that shouldn't sound as dirty as it does). I'm actually having them right now. Bizzaro!

So, yeah. Not much to say really. The last piece of furniture for his nursery came and we got our first pack of diapers. The baby shower is in 2 weeks and while I may get really shy in large crowds, I'm excited to have everyone around to celebrate Spencer. He deserves a good time since he's been so good to me. And with Aunt Jenny Penny making cupcakes...I'm sure my little sugar monster with be having a blast in his cushy water bed!

And that about does it for being 30 weeks along!!!

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