Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun: Another Way My Son Is Like His Mom

I have a check-up today to see how the Spence Monster is coming along. I have to see another doc because mine is on vacation but I guess I'm fine with that. There's always a chance my doctor won't be on-call when I go into labor so it's not a bad idea to get to know as many people in the practice as I can in the next 6 weeks.

Though my aunt (a nurse for 30 years) suspects he'll arrive in early August.

This weekend, I submerged the bump into not ONE but TWO swimming pools for the first time. Well, I was going to the rec but that was before I could even feel him move so I'm not counting it. Typically, when I move, he zonks out and when I'm resting, he's jamming out. Not so when it came to the swimming pool! The entire time I was splashing about, HE was splashing about! I thought the water would be even more calming and lulling but he was going BERZERK! I swam and he swam. NON-STOP!

Therefore, I must conclude he is part me.

I fall more and more in love with this boy every day. He's just so quirky. Maybe you don't think I can already know that with him still stuffed inside my guts but I know him better than ANYONE. He makes me laugh. He blows my mind. And his pool behavior was just another totally bizarre thing he did. The rec offers swimming lessons starting at 6 months so I think me and my little squid will be there.

And on a non-pool related rant, he kicked the other day and I was able to clearly hold/grab/rub a foot or a knee...or a fist if he's in some really jacked-up position. It was the first time this happened and it temporarily freaked me out! By being so cool, that is. Every day it's something new. Something awesome!

Back tomorrow with a doctor's appointment and 34 week update!!!

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