Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coming Soon: Time Flies When You're Creating Life From Scratch


Me: Your son is the size of a cashew melon. I’m not sure what that is. Probably something in that exotic melons of California bin at Giant Eagle.
Todd: We can put him there when he's born and see which one he looks like
Me: By then he’ll be one of those weird little watermelons. I'll miss getting my weekly fruit salad updates.
Todd: Crazy cashew
Me: Oops. It's a CRENSHAW melon.
Todd: Boy in the hood
Me: I don't know what that means.
Todd: Crenshaw Ave.
Me: Oh.
Todd: My little maniac melon

For your viewing pleasure, here is a CRENSHAW melon, the week 36 fruit.

And here is what I look like had I swallowed a Crenshaw melon.

So we've got 4 weeks or 28 days until we hit our due date, depending on how you want to slice it. I'll slice it whichever way sounds shorter. I guess, according to What To Expect, I'm considered full-term now so if Spencer were to appear, all would/should be well. I can officially go into labor at any time. My dad had the nerve to say I still had 4 to 6 weeks to go. No tacking on extra time, sir!!  We'll know more on Tuesday as the doc checks for dilation, effacement, and "cervical ripeness". Yeah, pregnancy is gross.

Spencer isn't gross though. He's rocking away in there, although it was a little less than usual yesterday. But when Todd got into bed, he gave the bump it's night time rub and Spencer started showing off for his daddy. Because I'm carrying a boy, I tend to eat more, or so "they" say. I can buy that. I've consumed more Lucky Charms during pregnancy than I did in my youth! And my eating is giving him energy to practice sucking, blinking, swallowing, pivoting...all the stuff he'll be doing when he enters this crazy bananas world.

His head at birth will be the same circumference as his hips, abs, and shoulders. Odd.

So there it is. The scoop, if you will. I can't WAIT for him to get here!!!

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  1. All my best to you, kiddo. Here's hoping he makes it easy on you!