Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pain Game: Having My Aching Suspicions Confirmed

Only 2 doctor's appointments (or LESS) to go before our due date!

Time flies when you're having...contractions? I had my weekly appointment this morning with one of my doctor's colleagues since she's off this week. I've seen this doctor before so I was totally comfortable. Well, as comfortable as I COULD be in an office without the air conditioning on...preggo chicks need AC, buddy...and after a day of pretty intense pain.

I had to leave work before the day even began yesterday because I was doubled over more than I was upright. I felt like I had an industrial strength rubberband around my mid-section which had me all rolled up on myself. So, feeling like a wuss, I bailed. I crawled back into bed and there I stayed for the duration. I slept on and off, watched a little TV when I was too uncomfortable to snooze, and had some mac-n-cheese care of the husband. Yep. That was my day in it's entirity.

Today I hit the doctor for what I hope was my third to last visit. My blood pressure was 110/64 (I was told this was excellent and I'll take excellent any day). Spencer's fetal heart rate was 160, which is the quickest it's even been! The nurse said he is a very active baby...I've been hearing that a lot about my little Squiggy. When the doc came in, I told him about the pain I'd been having and he had me lay down to measure my fundal height (36 cm), and right then...YEEEEEOUCH!

Me: I'm having a pain right now.
Doc: You're having a contraction right now!

He told me he could feel my entire belly firm up and that I was having a contraction at that very moment. He began feeling around to see if Spencer's head was down (and pushing on me like that while I was contracting was NOT awesome) but I was "very firm". He brought in the ultrasound just to be sure my guy was in position, which he was. I wish he wouldn't turned the screen to let me see my man. I should've asked. Wuss.

The weird thing is that he didn't do an internal physical exam. I was told I'd be examined for dilation and effacement every week until I popped but not this time. So I have no idea where I stand in that department. You would think that since he was handling me at the very moment I had a contraction, he'd be interested in what was happening below the belt. He just told me to stay on patrol (I had another contraction 33 minutes later so I'm thinking this is still all pre-term garbage) because things were definitely a-brewing. I'm guessing we'll get some news at my appointment next Thursday, if Spencer doesn't shock us all before.

In other tales of interest...

1. I am NOT a Group B Strep carrier so no antibiotics during delivery.
2. Spencer scored a third generation Yorktown Lanes bowling shirt from the Cottrells!!
3. He also scored another home-made blanket, this one with spaceships & aliens.

I managed to cart the Spencer bump to the Roll-n-Bowl for a few hours on Saturday but he told me when he reached his limit. We went home and watched Gray's Anatomy in bed while Todd rubbed my head. Sunday, I'm attempting to cart him to the Renaissance Faire in Geneva with his daddy and Auntie Phee-Bizzle. That will most likely be the last hurrah (and huzzah!) before my agenda switched to Motherhood Mode. I'm excited for both events, motherhood AND mutton-n-mead. Well, no mead for me but you get the point!

See you Thursday when we hit 37 weeks or 21 days to go!

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