Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News Flash: A Lack-Of-News Flash

So I had my first weekly doctor's visit today and this is what we've learned:

-His heart beat was 150.

-My blood pressure is still really good.

-His head is down so he hasn't repositioned.

-My cervix is shut, but per my doc, it's still pretty early.

-The fundal height was 34cm which she considered OK.

-The Group B Strep results should be in tomorrow.

The next appointment is 1 week from today so we'll see if anything changes. But like she said, it's still pretty early. He won't even be considered full-term until the end of next week. But she also said anything can happen, it's unpredictable, so I'm still on contraction patrol.

When they're 5 minutes apart for 1 hour, I'll call in. She doesn't like to send broads to Labor and Delivery unless everything sounds promising because they'll just send you home if the timing isn't right. If it's during office hours, she'll check me out there first. If it's in the evening, I can call and then go to L&D or go to L&D and then call.

Either way, I'm leaving with a baby.

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