Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taking a Tour: Welcome To The Spencer Dome

Off topic right off the bat, Todd just said, "What up baby bake oven". Ha!

He also referred to Spencer as "punky pineapple".

Besides a glider and gliding ottoman that should be arriving today (a Baptism gift from my parents) and a few robot and space monster paintings I want to do, the Spencer Dome was completed last night! It has officially replaced the art room as my favorite room in the house. No matter what's going on, I feel 100% better just by sneaking a peek in the nursery. It wasn't just put together by us...all of his family-n-friends had their paws in making his room awesome. And speaking of sneak peeking, here's a little tour for those of you who might not be able to make it to Castle Grayskull any time soon. Welcome to the Spencer Dome!

Entrance to the Spencer Dome, featuring the puzzle that was made for him at the baby shower. Lots of sweet messages and pure awesomeness.

Wall #1 - a closet full of clothes, a basket full of plush pals, a growth chart, and Dr. Nightmare attorney-at-law (checking out the competition).

Astronauts (or aliens) need to be big and strong.

Some new friends and some of my old friends.

Wall #2 - changing table, dresser, and pure awesomeness.

Besides all the diapers, receiving blankets, and toys, we have an awesome stack of blankets handmade for Spencer by his family (ROBOT BLANKET from Aunt Jen May!!!).

How cool is this? Monster, Outer Space AND Robot? It was DESTINY for him to have this in his room. All the crucial elements to being a cool little boy.

His dresser and his extra-special mementos that he won't appreciate until he's older.

From top left: shark beanie made by Aunt Natalie, baby shower invite, book from and skeleton family made by Grandma Honey, Birthday Book from Aunt Barracuda, picture of us with our moms and the penny my mom found the day I told her I was preggo, Spencer's first shark and a ceramic egg from Aunt Bizzle, framed favors from the shower and his Little Black Book from Uncle Richard, first newsboy hat, NCTM/NCC hoodie from Grandpa Rich, shark robe from Aunt Bizzle, Me and My Big Brother frame, piggy bank we bought the day we found out we were having a son, and shark Squishable from his cousin Megan.

Wall #3 - crib and clothes hamper.

Where my little monster will spend his nights. I would sleep in there if only I could fit. Though I haven't actually tried to fit yet...

Wall #4 - book case and space posters. Possibly future location of above mentioned glider.

Awesome space paintings. The far right was a gift from Aunt Sugar and Uncle Texas Pete.

The bookshelf was a gift from Aunt Barracuda and Aunt Wen-Dog. They (and their families) picked out books that they loved for Spencer, and there's more to come. I plan to jam-pack this shelf FULL and to read to him daily. I'm a book work and I think it's great bonding time. The shelf was an incredibly thoughtful and cool gift.

So there you have it. The Spencer Dome!!! Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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