Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep On Truckin': Hitting Another Mini-Milestone On Our Road To Parenthood.

200 DAYS TO GO!!!

That's right, damas y caballeros, I've got 200 days left until I meet the little monster that makes me crave chocolate and orange juice, sometimes simultaneously!! Maybe 200 days sounds like a long time, but if you think about it, I've already got 80 days behind me. I have a feeling that things are just going to keep on trucking along.

And in other awesome news...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vincent William Christopher Ignizio (1/31/11)!!! You have the cutest, smoochable little face and I can't wait to meet you. Also, I'm really glad that you decided to come out on our own (after 24 hours of labor) so your mom didn't have to have a C-section. I get it, everyone does things at their own pace. We're all just glad you're here!

Jen said my odds of having a cute baby straight out of the womb have increased because Evan, Olivia, and now Vincent, were uber-cute right off the bat. I'm not shy to say...a lot of newborns are not-so adorable for the first few days. But those three? The definition of cute. I'm taking the fact that it went boy, girl, boy to mean that our monster is a girl, adding that to the fact that I'm carrying high and the Chinese Gender Chart said so. I'm such a goon.

Phoebe bought us this and it's both awesome AND matches our room. We love it and her.

The monster will be born in the year of the rabbit. Maybe her name should be Bunny!

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  1. 1) i agree that your monster has good odds of being cute from the get-go, but i also appreciate that you told me when you first admitted your pregnantness that if s/he is NOT cute, i don't have to lie to you. you're hilarious.

    2) i bought those letterpress prints on october 30th - which is totally way before you knew you were preggo. i just knew it was coming.

    3) i vote for a girl. not that a boy is unacceptable, obviously. i will just have a much better time buying ridiculous things for a wee female.

    4) you know who else was born in the year of the rabbit? ME!!! Phoebe. good year. good name. ;)

    love you.