Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coasting Along: Bouncing Back As The First Trimester Starts To Wrap Up.

Even after kicking off my 12th week of pregnancy, I remain Pro-Choice. However, like I've said before, it is getting way too hard to look for pictures of what my monster looks like in utero because I'm getting a lot of shots of abortion aftermath. They are definitely not sights I want to see when I'm feeling all warm and fluffy about our baby being the size of a lime. I have a slight obsession with limes and think they're a cute fruit. These photographs I wind u seeing...not so cute. Mortifying.


The brain is fully developed and the placenta is on it's way. Hair buds (that's a little creepy, tooth buds, hair buds) are forming, the digestive stuff is starting to "crunch" here and there, and the vocal chords are in place. I guess the little baby beast can even cry now if it feels like it. Last night I had a dream that I was in labor and it really wasn't that bad. I'm going to keep on dreaming.

Not too much else to report at this point in time. Soon enough, the 1st trimester is going to be behind us. I'm still feeling a little wishy-washy from the nuttiness earlier this week but I overall, I feel seriously improved! I've rejoined the land of the living!! And our "official" ultrasound was moved up a week to this Thursday. I can't wait to learn more about this little monster that I'm becoming more and more attached to as the days go by!

My little lime...

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  1. Can't believe the second trimester is approaching already! Glad you are feeling better. You'll enjoy the pregnancy even more...until the monster shrinks your bladder.