Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Stirrups: Keeping It Low Key At Our First OB/GYN Appointment.

Yesterday was our first trip to the OB/GYN since the pink plus sign appeared in our lives. I had read all about how intense and in depth the first appointment could be. Yeah, no. This appointment was borderline boring. But it was nice to spend some bonding time with Todd. It was even nicer to be greeted in the parking lot with, "Hello babies" and a hug.

So after filling out a hand-numbing amount of paperwork and plunking down a credit card for the monster's expenses, I was weighed in (no weight gain yet) and gave a urine sample...which was MUCH darker than the other samples lurking around. I was definitely more apple cider than apple juice. Todd said it's because I don't drink enough water but I've been trying. It's like drinking POISON! But moving on...

Both our nurse and doctor were pumped to hear we didn't need the Clomid after all. From that point on, we just chatted a bunch. I got a list of all the OTC meds I can take, some tips on battling nausea, and a preview of some things to come in the next few weeks. Had a quick pelvic to swab for STDs...yes, I hate the word swab and YES, I did this back in September but they're being cautious. I'm cool with that.

I was really disappointed to find out we weren't getting an ultrasound though. I was counting on hearing the heartbeat to put me at ease. I wasn't that little bonding moment to FEEL like a mom. Not until the next appointment, which sounds much more entertaining. They'll draw blood, check out the heartbeat, and do the 1st trimester ultrasound to gather the odds of Downs and other birth defects < - - - -we opted for the 1st and 2nd trimester ultrasound screening methods rather than the Amnio. That's far too creepy with far too high odds of something going berzerk. No thank you.

So I guess we'll have to wait until February 10th to know the monster is A-OK.

My doctor is super calm so that keeps me calm. She had 6 women in labor while I was there and was totally relaxed so I have no excuse. She congratulated us, hooked us up with 2 bags full of loot, and sent us on our way. AND the date of the monster's (potential) debut was confirmed by actual medical professionals and not the interwebs:

AUGUST 20th!

Which just go happens to be Olivia's original due date!! RAD.

Post-appointment, my husband took me to lunch and I actually handled it pretty well. The restaurant didn't smell fishy at all (the nose knows) and I managed to eat a little soup, some salad, and 2 potato skins. That's the most I've eaten in weeks. In was nice to spend time with Todd that didn't include me being in a coma. It was a cute way to commemorate our first appointment. I'm glad he's so involved and not a dead beat. There was a newborn behind us at the restaurant and he had staaaaaaars in his eyes.

After that it was right back into the coma to rest the baby machine. Consistency.

Not sure what will happen between now and the next appointment, besides our 10 week photo shoot, but you better believe if there's news, I'll be blathering it.


  1. Wow, my first prenatal appointments with both pregnancies were just as anti-climactic. Now I don't feel so bad. I was hoping your OB would have at least whipped out the doppler. But, all in good time!

    Good call on the 1st & 2nd screening/no amnio decision. Noninvasive=the best. And, quite frankly, so what if the baby has Down's? I was grew up with my Aunt Beth, who had Down's, and we were like sisters. She was a joy, full of unconditional love for everybody, and functional physically and mentally. She was the heart of our family (and neighborhood).

    Yay on the due date. I remember Livvie's was in August, but forgot it was the 20th. That's too uncanny to be coincidental.

  2. Good, I feel good about the no-Amnio decision. We tried for a year to get preggo and I don't want to do anything to much it up.

    I still can't BELIEVE you're almost due!! I feel like you just got pregnant. This is going to be awesome!