Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potential Pals: A Note To The Unborn Vol. 3

Hello Monster:

As you may know, because I've been reading you US Magazine, a whole mess of "celebrities" are preggo at the same time as me. I'm 100% certain their offspring couldn't possibly measure up to you, even though we haven't been properly introduced yet.  Anyway, for your entertainment, here is the list so you know whose children to feel superior to once you're born:

Alicia Silverstone
Selma Blair
Kate Hudson
Victoria Beckham
Marion Cotillard
Natalie Portman
Jennifer Connelly
Jane Krakowski
Mariah Carey
Christina Applegate

In other news, your future pal Vincent might be born today. Word around social networking is that strange things are afoot. I'm hoping he makes his debut today for two reasons: I'm sure Aunt Stephanie is ready to have her body back AND I predicted weeks ago that he would be born today (your dad and I were married on the 19th so I gravitate towards that date). If he IS born today, I'm buying myself a cupcake and considering a new career involving voo-doo.

And speaking of voo-doo, sort of, I'm going to start crocheting you some toys from the book 'Creepy Cute Crochet'. It'll be something creative for me to do while you and I watch all the TV we've been watching. Dad tried to get a copy for me last night but Boarder's was out. He picked up 'Zombie Felties' instead but they have lots of dangerous parts for you to munch on. So I'll just wait for a copy of the book I wanted and start making you and your future pals, Vincent, Livvie and Evan, some awesome stuff. I'll probably do Robot and Ninja first because I suspect you'll be a lot like me and that's what I'd want.

Sidenote, you better be a girl because you're DOOMED as far as boy baby names go.

Now get back to growing! We'll talk again soon.



  1. *strangely and silently hoping her name is still on the table as a possibility*

  2. *also silently hoping that the security word from my previous comment, "GARTH," is NOT on the boy name list*

  3. We're solid on cute girl names (yours included). But boy names are ROUGH. And everyone Todd likes sounds like an old man, a dog, or a hoodlum. So I'm just going to wait until our March appointment before I start to flip my lid.

  4. wheee! but now i'm curious as to what exactly these old man, hoodlum dog names are?!

  5. Hank. Rex. Crew. In order of correspondence to categories previously mentioned.

  6. For a hot second he was on a kick of looking up names based on the 1950s US Census. He suggested Archie. I'm not even kidding about that.