Monday, January 10, 2011

Eight is Great: The Last Month of the 1st Trimester.

With 8 weeks under my belt, the little monster is this big:

 And it looks like this, which I find down-right adorable AND creeptastic:

We're kicking off the last month of the 1st trimester. I'm breaking this thing down into as many milestones as possible to get me through it. Right now, I'm just trying to get to that magical 12 - 14 week range when, allegedly, morning sickness takes a hike. It's not like I spend all my waking hours (of which there are very few) with my head in a toilet but I do frequently feel like goldfish are swimming laps in my guts. I'm dealing with it.

Not too many changes from last week as far as I'm concerned. Getting a little more emo in regards to crying at commercials, adding more items to the list of things I can't stand the smell of, carving out an impression of my body in our bed which is my happy place. Pretty typical. And my body looks similar to week 6 (WHY do I have the rib-cage of a mythological monster???). Bloated but not babylicious.

Oh, and I've gone up a cup size. Hello 36 D! Because I was suffering from both pregnancy AND the flu this week/weekend, I got to send my husband out for a more adequate support system for the pups. I've always been a fan of super huge (to an almost ridiculous degree) cans so this is just awesome for me...and for him.

As for the monster, he/she has a whole bunch of junk going on. And speaking of junk, if it's a boy, it's growing a penis this week. My step-son found this to be hilarious. I find it fascinating. The tail is almost gone (so uber-creepy), the eyes are moving forward (and now have eyelids), the ears are moving up from the neck, and the little thing is making spontaneous movements, even if I can't feel them. Allegedly it's beginning to look more human but in my head, it still looks Dren from "Splice". How many times will I reference that movie?

Tomorrow is our first doctor's appointment and I'm super pscyched. It's hard to believe it's been 4 weeks since I made the appointment. Time is flying and crawling simultaenously. I can't wait to see/hear a heartbeat and to be reassured that everything is trucking along as it should. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in a panic. I'm guessing that's normal for first time moms.

Speaking of first time moms, we got the sweetest card in the mail from April, Dennis and Olivia. It made my whole day, saying that I should take care of myself and soon enough, our kids would be playing together. If our monster is a boy, it's going to marry Olivia. I've already made up my mind. Arranged marriages are still in fashion, right?

Hopefully I'll have an ultrasound pic to post tomorrow. Holy cow!

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