Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart-Go-Throb: A Moment Of Calm In a Scary Situation.

WELCOME TO 10 WEEKS! Sorry I'm late. Some crazy shtuff has gone on in the last week so let me just get picture fun time out of the way so I can get to the good (well, maybe not so good) stuff.

The monster is this big (that's a prune, I guess):
And looks like this:

And I look like this:

About a week ago, I was starting to feel like I had turned a corner, though I was recently told that there are no corners. Just illusions of corners. Regardless, my appetite was can just ask the fine people at P.F. Chang's Asian Bistro..., I had enough energy to stay up until 9:30 (!!!) and bowl with Uncle Benjamima, and the small bouts of nausea I was having had taken a hike. I was really starting to bounce back...until I wasn't.

Saturday and Sunday, I had a mind-numbing headache and while I've gotten the OK to take Tylenol, I'm very wary. I mean, at this point, I still hadn't seen a heartbeat or anything so I was a little worried. But the headache was NEVER ENDING. Grrrrrr. But I'd take a headache over what happened next.

This is all paraphrased from The Cleveland "A" cause I'm too lazy to retell the story in a more inventive way:

1/25/11: Until yesterday, I had never really fainted before. It was unexpected as I'm guessing most fainting is. I was in the shower getting ready for work and, pardon my French, blacked-the-fuck-out. I never lost consciousness but I lost vision. A few stumbles back and I cracked my melon on the shower wall. Vision back, room spinning, heart pounding, me yacking. Ultra glamorous. And ultra scary.

Went to the ER,  they asked me a battery of questions and ran a plethora of tests, including several BP tests and an EKG. The conclusion was that my blood pressure was reaaaaaally low (due to pregnancy, dehydration, and possibly the notoriously hot showers I take). My blood supply has increased and is focused around the tiny human I'm growing. Takes longer for blood to get to the brain. But that's nothing new. I was encouraged to follow up with my OB/GYN within 24 hours so here I am, waiting.  THE END.

Back to reality...

Yesterday, I went to see my OB to be on the safe side. She concluded that the black out WAS based on my low BP and possibly me coming down with something on top of it...something fluish, despite my flu shot. Blast. And I'm down 3 pounds! I want a flipping bump already! I know it'll come but I'm not exactly patient at this moment. Anyway...

The nurse tried to hear a heartbeat...nothing.

The doctor tried to hear a heartbeat...nothing.

So I get an unexpected ultrasound...and there he or she was. I was really surprised how baby-shaped it was. You expect ultrasounds to be all fuzzy with just a little blip of a heartbeat when they're that small. I mean, we weren't supposed to get our first ultrasound until the 10th (and we'll still get it, this was just to make sure the monster hadn't been affected by what I was affected by...and he or she was A-OK). So there it was, my monster and it's wiggly heartbeat. It even entertained me by doing a little backstroke maneuver. It was the first time I felt calm since Saturday.

But I was alone. I didn't expect an ultrasound. No one was there to share the cool moment.

Todd, though sad he missed it, said I shared the cool moment with the baby.

: )


  1. Seeing the parasite move and--the heartbeat--changes everything. I'm sorry you went through a down spell, but not so sorry with the end result.

  2. a) i have those underpants.

    and b) i love todd and the adorable shit he says to you. please pass him a hug from me.

    oh... and i almost forgot...

    c) THAT'S SO COOL! congratulations on having two hearts inside of you, beating away. i mean, you've always been kind and loving enough to have ALWAYS had two in there someplace, but it's extra special that you actually do now. i am so happy for you.

    d) when can i come and effing visit you?! i have these christmas presents still sitting here looking dumb.

  3. Stephanie: Where the Hell is Vincent??? And really did change everything!

    Phoebe: Besides going to Carol's shindig, I will be home all weekend doing nothing. Come by any time!

  4. Also Phoebe, The Sign Guy is going to paint our nursery, ha ha.