Monday, February 7, 2011

Goodbye Tight Shirts: Introducing The Bump To The World.

Like I mentioned last week, doctor's are blood hungry. This is the aftermath.

Alright! We're allllmost at the 1st trimester finish line and I've been feeling GREAT. I'm back to being productive, eating well, and feeling alive. The little monster now has all of it's systems in place (the intestines have been squeezed into the body through the umbilical cord like a pastry piping bag) and now they just need to grow!

Monster can also make facial expressions which I am the queen of. AND he/she is taking gulps of amniotic fluid, learning how to swallow and digest. The pituitary gland is producing hormones that will allow my little one to make little ones...YEARS AND YEARS FROM NOW, when they're married and stable. Cause in the words of Chris Rock's mom, "I ain't raisin' no babies!".

The little monster is getting not so little anymore.

And I'M not so little anymore. During a little bit of husband and wife romance, Todd told me, "Oooh, I can really feel your belly now!" I, of course, was repulsed (when it really as kind of cute) and told him not to look at it. He replied, "Why??? it's beautiful!".  Swoon. Well, I don't know if it's beautiful, but there's for sure something growing inside my grapefruit sized uterus and it no longer wants to hide out. It wants to make itself known!!!

When I was getting ready for my family birthday party this weekend (today is my big 3-2), a bump was slightly noticeable through my clothes. Even more so if I pushed my shirt down under my ribs. I sent this blurry pic to Todd via text to show him that his son or daughter wants the world to acknowledge him or her.

I look pretty happy, don't I? Well, I'll be damned.

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