Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lucky 13: Bringing The First Trimester To A Welcome Close

I've decided not to post pictures of the fetus at corresponding weeks anymore. I just see far too many things that I don't want to see. The more I get attached to this monster I'm harvesting, the less able I am to fathom anything bad happening to it. But I will continue posting the pictures that compare the baby to food. That amuses me to no end!

Last week Todd called the baby his "plum bum". This week, his "Georgia peach". So cute.

I've been very lucky so far with this pregnancy. A few bouts of nausea, a few weeks of mind-numbing exhaustion, and a short period of having no appetite. Besides that, it's been smooooth sailing. And at this point in my pregnancy, the chance of miscarriage is started to fade into the distance. That doesn't mean I'm still not in a state of panic. That's just how I roll. I'm a maniac, especially about my uterus.

When I was nauseated and exhausted and anti-food, I KNEW I was pregnant. Now? There aren't so many signs. Even the burgeoning bump I have/had has sort of decreased in size. But I'm going to embrace the trimester that is coming our way because according to my doctor, this is the part that women love. I'm starting to feel a little bit more domestic and the nesting is starting to set it. It's pretty awesome.

I went to my mom's on Friday where she taught me how to crochet and we shot the breeze. She's going to buy the baby a crib which is reallllly exciting for me. I can't wait to get into that spare room and turn it into a nursery. But we're waiting until we know the gender to get any paint on those walls (we have a check-up on March 4th and will find out 3 weeks after that). No pink and blue for us. This kid is going to have the coolest room ever.

IN FACT...I'm going to ask all my artistic (and even my non-artistic) friends to donate a painting, drawing, photograph, whatever...something that they've made or just think is the baby's nursery I want him/her to be surrounded in awesomeness. I love my friends and want out baby to know how truly unbelievable their "aunts and uncles" are.

Enough for the medical, biological, physiological aspects of the 13th week, the baby's big head is starting to be more proportionate to it's body, bones are forming in the arms in legs, and the monster is continuing to make weird movements which will eventually lead to being able to get their thumb in the their mouth. It's good to have goals! And the vocal cords are trucking along. I wonder if he/she will have my obnoxious laugh...hmmmmm.

The teeth are also forming and the ears are in place and no longer on the neck. That really weirded me out. Ears on the neck, eyes on the side of the heads. intestines in the umbilical cord and then they all a Rubik's cube!!!

Things are good and we're really happy right now. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.


  1. Happy Valentines Day you two! I'm so happy for you guys:)

  2. i will make something for baby's room!!! i am trying very hard to NOT buy ever baby item i see that is awesome, but i do love shopping... so you never know.

  3. Babies are delicious! Love the idea for the nursery. It really does take a village to raise a child, no?

    I can't wait until next month when the U/S fun begins.

    You will LOVE being pregnant.