Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Trimester: The Most Fun I'm Going To Have While Harvesting a Human Being.

Important tid-bits regarding the little monster:

1. I've been pregnant for 100 days as of today. Mini-milestone!
2. Aunt Phoebe brought the baby it's first shark! With safety eyes to avoid choking!
3. We've agreed on a boy's name...FINALLY!

I'm just getting over some weird 24-hour bug/food poisoning debacle so don't fret, week 14 pictures will be on their way. There's something about exploding from every angle and whimpering that doesn't really make you want to pose in front of the mirror in your underpants.

So here we are, week 14, the beginning of the second trimester!! I've got to say, I feel fan-effing-tastic, not that I felt totally horrific during the first trimester or anything. I was just very zombie-rific. Now? I'm symptom free, chock full of energy, I don't want to claw any innocent bystander's eyes out, etc. I'm embracing the second trimester. I might even hug it if it were tangible/feasible.

And this week I've got me a lemon! I'm as obsessed with lemons as I am with limes.
Monster is kicking but I can't feel it. Can't wait until I can!

This weekend, I started taking advantage of my sweet rec membership with Sharon and Tessa. We started out slowly and walked a mile against the current. Not so easy but not so awful. Then I took to the track where I walked a few laps and even jogged one. Yep. ONE. Cause if you know me, you know I HATE jogging and joggers and running and runners. Regardless, I have to suck it up and do everything possible to be in the best health for my lemon (and let's be honest, I want my body to bounce back quickly afterwards because I'm slightly vane). Despite itchy unused muscles, I felt great and slept great when all was said and done.

Tonight is round 2. I promised to try and run 2 laps this time.

And here's some cuteness I'd like to remember: while watching the race last night, Todd was typing some notes on the computer. and when I asked what it was he tried to hide it but I'm relentless and obnoxious. It turns out he's been keeping notes about the pregnancy. Early in the 1st trimester he noted I was exhausted and bloated and couldn't stand how things smells, etc. Later in the 1st trimester he noted that I wanted peanut butter sandwiches but that it only lasted a few days, that I bought some more comfortable t-shirts, and that I was having some belly vs. buttoning my pants issues.

And on 2/20, he noted that while we slept, he felt my belly on his back for the first time

: )

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  1. your adorable husband's preciousness just made me cry.