Friday, February 4, 2011

Seeing and Hearing: The Events Of Our Second Pre-Natal Appointment.

Doctors are BLOOD HUNGRY!!

11 vials of my blood are gone. 11!!! They're looking at the thyroid, the blood type, birth defect markers, the Cystic Fibrosis gene (which we know Todd does not carry so we're in the clear), and whatever else 11 vials of blood can tell them. I felt emptied out. But everyone at the lab from the receptionist to the insurance lady to the lady who drew my blood were SO NICE. Loved them all.

I thought we had an ultrasound yesterday but it's not for a few more weeks. It was a major let down. In 4 weeks we go back in for another routine check up. And a few weeks after THAT we get to find out what kind of junk we're harvesting in there. But it was a let down that Todd still hasn't seen the baby...and that I only saw it for a split-second. Major bummer.

Until we heard the heartbeat. 164 strong beats.

It was probably the BEST sounds I've ever heard. Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah .

: )


  1. this has nothing to do with your post, specifically, but it dies have to do with your pregnantness, so i figured leaving it here made the most sense...

    the other day, when rocko (i think it was rocko) asked us if you LOOKED pregnant yet, and i mentioned that it was hard to really tell because the 10 minutes i saw you at carol's party, you were wearing a floaty shirt. but ryan pipes in and says...

    "no, you can tell. if you know what she's SUPPOSED to look like, you can tell. her hair has sort of exploded and her cans are definitely BIGGER."

    so there you have that. my husband a) apparently knows better than i do what you're "supposed to" look like and b) is evidently aware of the regular size of your "cans" and the regular length and thickness of your hair. and we all thought he didn't notice things...

  2. My hair explosion may have been by my own hand as I was going for a Lily Munster thing that night. But Ryan IS right. My cans have exploded which is nice since huge boobs are cool. They used to be about a handful but now? They're like one if Hellboy's handfuls!!!!! Regardless, if you look under the shirt (but not at the jugs), I just look bloated.