Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny Friends: A Little Hilarity To Remember.

We were invited to Geneva-On-the-Lake this summer to rent a bunch of cabins with friends. I've done it before with the same friends and it was boatloads of fun. I recall Carol and Lisa doing Neil Diamond karaoke and an impromptu jam session where I played the bongos and drank Jager with Ben. Memories. But this time around, the Geneva dates revolved around Lords of the Highway playing at a bar there on August 19th...THE DAY BEFORE THE BABY IS DUE!

Needless to say, we had to decline the invitation. Sugar's e-mail response follows:

oh goodness, no, please don't come.  we do not know how to birth a baby.  although they DO have a pool.....  are you interested in a water birth?!  I bet you we could pull that off, that would be so exciting for everyone!!

My friends are awesome and ridiculous.