Thursday, May 19, 2011

Third Trimester: The Final Leg Of This Crazy Race.

 Official business: android or monster for the Spencer Dome? Both, right?

This is my 50th post at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, my 27th week of pregnancy, and the official kick-off of the 3rd trimester! It's hard to believe that I am 2/3 of the way done cooking this little turkey that I am insanely in love with and madly over-the-moon about. Even if he did just punch me in the back of the belly button. That's his new skill, hitting the target.

Friday afternoon, my guy was ROCKING OUT. Keep your eyes to the left:

Cuteness To Remember
On Friday night, Todd was giving my belly a good rub when Spencer gave him a swift kick (or punch). So Todd nudged back...and Spencer nudged back. It was like they were fist pounding or something. Todd was so funny and excited and wanted me to feel the hand...or foot...or elbow...whatever...but I let it be their little moment. I have all kinds of one-on-one bonding time with him, it's got to be a little harder for the dads. With Todd's work schedule, I'm worried that Spencer's newly-hearing ears with mistake Detective Elliot Stabler as his father. HA!

On Saturday, we went to a wedding and I was told that I'm cute pregnant : )

Moving on. At 27 weeks down and (lucky) 13 to go, Spencer is STILL the size of a tasty eggplant. I'm guessing they're tasty, even though I've never had one. Everything revolving this little dude is delicious, so says his mother. He's no longer measured crown-to-rump. At our appointment next week, it'll be all head-to-toe! And in that big head, is a big and developing brain. Eyes are opening, ears are hearing, mouth may be jammed full of fingers, and taste buds are tasting. Last night we had some ice-cream and he had a strong reaction to it! Let's hope those were squirms of approval!

The shower invitations are on their way and THEY HAVE ROBOTS ON THEM.

And what else is awesome? The crib came AND Todd surprised me with a picture this morning of it all assembled and waiting for it's tenant. The changing table gets put together tomorrow. Sure, it's a table that will eventually be filled with baby bodily fluids, but I love all things Spencer-related so...I'm psyched! *It's black though it appears brown*

And I'm psyched that a lot is going on in the next 13 weeks that will hopefully make time fly. Take a sneak peek at my ever-growing (no, not belly - I'm still on the small side as websites and books say I should have gained around 16-20 lbs by now, but I'm still hovering around 10) calendar of events:

- next doc appointment
- Memorial Day

- 2 doctor's appointments
- a family wedding and New Bomb Turks
- several birthday celebrations
- Father's Day cookout
- Lady Lead Foot's official debut show
- registering for delivery (still sounds so insane)
- Baby Shower

- 2 doctor's appointments
- 4th of July fun
- kids pool party
- packing the hospital bag
- Los Straitjackets (maybe my water will break there!!!)

- weekly doctor's appointments
- DOING THE SPLITS ON A CRATE OF DYNAMITE!'ll be here in NO TIME! I'm going to rule you, 3rd trimester!!!

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