Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Times: A Successful 1st (Pre-) Mother's Day Goes In The Books.

First off, let me start by saying Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers and moms-to-be, like me, out there. Mothers Day is a nice opportunity to tell the woman who raised you how much you appreciate all of her hard work, effort, love, and all that emotional jazz. Stuff that you couldn't have POSSIBLY said when you were ages 13 - 21 and thought you knew everything about everything and could take care of yourself. I spent a few hours with my mom yesterday and can only hope I'm a fraction as a good of a mother as she's been. I know exactly how lucky I am and hope I can make Spencer feel that way.

Speaking of Spencer, I dreamed of him again last night. It was awesome.

How did I spend my first Mother's Day (OK, he's not here YET but he's coming...that's inevitable...and unless I'm a pod person, I'm his mother and I wanted to celebrate that fact)? It was a great day all around and was kicked off with flowers and breakfast in bed from the man who made me a mother. And before you ask, those are flowers in the glass (that he cut off a tree with a knife while we were walking in Gordon Square) and not popcorn as it may appear.

He went with the hot pink since those were the same colors we had at our wedding. I thought that was pretty cute. Once the daisies cease to exist, I'm going to plant something in the bucket. Maybe a colony of Cacti! Regardless, I got the warm-n-fuzzies from Todd's efforts...and from all the social networking and text messages I got from friends recognizing me as a mom, which is still so bananas! We popped in to see Todd's mother and then popped in to see my mother (and were well fed!). She bought Spencer a little outfit to cover both Mother's and Father's Day, so cute.

We had planned to do something together, just the two of us, once all of our visiting was done. But when all of our visiting was DONE, we were in chill mode. This meant ice-cream, American Dad and a nap on the couch with all of the windows in the house open. The day wrapped up with cereal in bed (again), snuggling, and the Sunday night cartoon line-up. Oh Bob's Burgers, I hope you never get cancelled. Maybe it doesn't sound as fancy as a walk in the park or a trip to the zoo (both possibilities on our agenda) but it was exactly what I wanted.

A great day to celebrate that in approximately 101 days, Spencer will be here, adding to our family. I don't really need a special day to remind me I'm a mom. He reminds me every day with his flips and squirms, punches and kicks, the back pain, the cereal cravings, and so on. Yesterday he was a mellow dude (more calm and quiet than usual...maybe that was my gift) but he showed off at the end of night in bed when Todd was rubbing my ever-growing bump. With Dr. Nightmare, Todd, and the Spencer-bump, everything I loved was in that bed. A GREAT Mother's Day, indeed.

And for posterity, this is what I looked like (ignore the spots on the mirror):

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