Monday, May 16, 2011

Snack Size: Experiencing Weird Symptoms In Small Doses.

And now for your viewing pleasure, 26 weeks...still an eggplant.

Nice flowery drawers, grandma. What can I say? They're comfy and comfy is what I need since Spencer seems to be pushing buttons for weird symptoms these days.


 A. My back has always been a problem (since I partially slipped a disc years ago and followed that up with a compression fraction from falling down the stairs). Add a one pound eggplant to that pressure and, well, nights have been unpleasant.

B. I can no longer regulate my body temperature. HOT is my only setting.

C. I'm guessing Spence Baby is positioned on a nerve because for a few days, my right thigh was asleep. Now it's my right thigh, forearm, and there's a dull and annoying tingle on the right side of my torso. Not painful but highly annoying.

D. A very mild heartburn seems to be present in the morning. But we were told at week 18 that the baby already had hair and rumor is babies with lots of hair cause heartburn. Tums are on my "CAN HAS" list. I'll deal.

E. Bloody noses have returned but they aren't super-soakers like before.

F. Round Ligament Pains have returned but like in the beginning, it's when I make a quick movement, when I sneeze, when I'm positioned one way for too long. They're no big deal but of course I totally FREAK because I feel like I'm ripping my guts to shreds and somehow hurting him. He gets a nice massage after I feel one of those twinges.

G. I keep having incredibly vivid dreams and they BUG ME!

H. I'm back to getting up at least once, if not twice, to empty my tank during the night. Like with the back problems, I've always had sleeping problems. So these little night time annoyances are...annoying.

I. Leg cramps a.k.a. CHARLIE HORSES! Pre-pregnancy, I told NOT handle nor tolerate Charlie Horses and they made me into a HUGE baby. I would crumble to the ground. Somehow, during my preggoness, I’ve figured out how to stop them as soon as they appear. Small victory.

* Side note: how unfair is it that clumsiness is a side effect of pregnancy??? I’ve been burdened with being a walking disaster my entire life. Does it really have to intensify while I’m responsible for protecting a little person??? Grrrrrrr.

At least I can poop. That's a small yet powerful blessing! And sure, there are a lot of things on my list but I'm not bitching (YOU'RE NOT??), just making note. All of these things affect me in small ways. They come and they're gone. I just want to have a list of things to use during guilt-trips when he's older.

Enough about me. Let's blather about him.

26 WEEKS: The nerves is his ears are way more developed so he can hear both me and Todd, which is good because I'm been chatting to him nightly and I don't want him to miss out on any of my gems. He's still practicing breathing in the amniotic fluid and he's piling on the fat so he's more pinchable and less...Skeletor. Allegedly he's more than a pound (maybe even close to 2) and over a foot long. And his testicles are making their descent. That's my little man!

As for me...I'm still supposed to be sleeping and eating, which I am, but watching "Pregnant In Heels"  (Rosie Pope is my new female celeb-crush) has me anxious to sign up for the free childbirth related classes offered by our hospital. The better prepared you are, the easier it'll be. They're free so WHY NOT? I know blood pressure can become an issue at this time which freaks me out because I've had blood pressure issues, on the low end. Hopefully that was a fluke.

And there you have it. The world according to me and Spencer!

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