Monday, March 7, 2011

Read All About It: Awesome Developements After a Dry Spell.


So I'll start by giving you your dose of text book information on the little monster right up front, starting with him or her being the size of an avocado this week (Holy Guacamole!, according to Todd).

And the weird thing is when you look at my ever-morphing body, it LOOKS like I have an avocado in there. Or a football. My pooch is pointy and weird but I like it. I am 16 weeks (and 2 days) and I've gained 3 pounds total. Todd was worried about this but the doc said not to fret. I was losing in the beginning so 3 lbs. = success. Not to mention that a lot of broads don't bulk up until the end, so no need for weight gaining milkshakes just yet.

Monster has eyebrows and lashes, and fingerprints. No crimes in utero.

And back to the doc...we had our 16 week appointment on Friday and our doc told me that I'm doing GREAT. She received back all my blood work results and while she didn't say anything about markers for Downs, etc., she did say everything was thumbs up. Even the Round Ligament Pain was dubbed utterly normal.  I'm NORMAL! Well, outside of my Kindergarten vaccine for Rubella being unequivocal a.k.a. weak (17 years go by and they can tell that??? CREEPY!). So as soon as the monster debuts, she'll re-vaccinate and all will be gravy.

The heartbeat was 154 beats, which you can hear HERE!

We received paperwork for my next round of blood work (vampires in lab coats, I tell you) AND the ultrasound we've been so impatiently waiting for. AND I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! It just makes it so much more REAL. I mean, I have no symptoms, the existence of my bump comes and goes (a guy at work even asked my nephew if something was wrong because I don't look preggo at all)...the more I know about the little monster, the more I attach and become mom. I'm nervous to get served with bad news, but more excited over all!

March 21st at 10:00. The moment of the big reveal.

Aunt Sharon

Me a.k.a. Mommy

Do you know what else makes it more real? Feeling the little monster MOVE, which I think I did yesterday morning! I can't say for sure and it hasn't happened since but I was laying in bed and felt this weird little...I don't know. Stronger than a swish or a flutter but not quite as strong as gas moving around. Just three little thumps.

Three, little, awesome, bad ass THUMPS!

So the ultrasound is March 21st and our next appointment is April 5th. Trucking along.

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