Saturday, March 19, 2011

OMG: Having My Baby Blessed By The Fonz.

My baby is now the size of a sweet potato. "My sweet potato pie", according to Todd.

That potato picture is NOT cute. Ew. And do you know what else is not cute? The baby is now covered in this film that makes it look (according to What To Expect) like a mango covered in cheese! I love cheese, but I don't necessarily want to be covered in it. Repulsive. Regardless, it's protecting the monster from the amniotic fluid and will be (mostly) gone before he/she pops out. Ew. Pops out. What's wrong with me?

I've been feeling the monster move a lot this week and it's my new favorite thing. I haven't been feeling well (not pregnancy unwell, regular ME unwell) and when I sneeze or cough, the baby wiggles. Better get used to it, baby. Mama's a sicko! There have been lots of bloody noses but no more round ligament pain anymore. It's a decent trade off. And in 2 days, we find out what kind of junk I'm growing! I have really never been so excited.

Here's what 18 weeks makes me look like (not much of a difference):

Arthur Fonzirelli a.k.a Fonzie a.k.a Henry Winkler blessed my stomach (literally, he rubbed it...he's the first person besides my husband to dare touch my guts) so if it's a boy, I'm going to claim he had something to do with it. Boy was what I thought from the get-go, way before there even WAS junk. But everyone says girl still. The girl to boy ratio is a total BEATDOWN. Anyway, meeting Fonzie and having him lovingly touch my baby like he was the Pope blew my mind.

A bit of mom worry: I just hope that when we get our ultrasound that everything is A-OK. I might make it seem like the boy or girl verdict is the most important thing but it's not. Todd and I have been waiting for this so we will be perfectly happy with whatever we're given. What's truly important is that the monster has everything it needs (physically) to live a full and happy life. And I don't even think they'll tell us for SURE if he/she gets a gold star until our actual doctor reads the results, which, of course, will stress me out. I just want he/she to come into the world with every opportunity and nothing holding him/her back.

Boy or girl is really the least important thing cause I'm IN LOVE with it already!

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