Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spencer: My Favorite Photos (3)

Turkey Day, Cookie Day & X-Mas Photo Shoot

4 MONTHS to (almost) 5 MONTHS



Happy 100th post at Mockingbird Lane and Happy New Year's, y'all. 2011 brought me Spencer Lee, the best thing in my life, but it brought me plenty of heartache and pain. I am ready for a new year and a fresh start. See you in 2012, the year of Spencer!!!!


  1. i can't believe i haven't held him yet! the one of him and todd in bed is theeeee best

  2. Is he a redhead??? Or is it just my phone??? He is GORGEOUS, he looks like you!!!!

  3. He's a little blue-eyed red-head but no one thinks either will last. I love it! And thank you, I can't get enough of him.

    Erin, I can't WAIT until you meet him!

  4. And Skelly, congrats on the bun in your oven. I'm going to guess BOY. Boys are awesome.

  5. Thanks, I'm guessing boy too!!!

    I am so jealous you got a redhead, I wish all my kids were redheads!!!