Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's official. As of last night, it has been confirmed that Spencer's Leukemia cells, a.k.a. Blasts, are gone. The disorder has been resolved. A few weeks later than they thought but all that matters is those pesky cells have taken a hike. Now we can start planning a HUGE party early next year to celebrate. One more thing off Spencer's checklist. One more thing.

Having those cells gone was high up on my X-Mas Wish List. Number 1 is a little on the personal side and not something I can see myself getting. Let's say a cancer-free baby boy is tied for number 1. Maybe I can finally get some quality sleep. Even though he's been seriously tuff stuff and after a post-blood draw nap is back to normal, totally unphased...I'm phased. My hurt lasts longer. I need a long nap now that this ordeal is wrapping up.

Outside of the joy I'm feeling after getting the clean bill of health call last night, I've had a great week with my boy. My BOYS, actually. Spencer's first Turkey Day was a smashing success and Todd and I both really enjoyed ourselves. My extended family really is the best. Spencer is so loved. The holiday ended with Spence and myself falling asleep in the new king size bed. Perfection. Friday, he watched me make X-Mas cookies and went to Dave and Buster's for the first time. It was risky to take him there since my overachiever is teething but it was a blast. He is addicted to brights lights and music. Vegas bound? Rock star? Saturday was the traditional family Cookie Day and he was a perfect little dude. It felt like he had always been there. He just FITS. Sunday my in-laws came over to see him and I decorated for his first Christmas season. I've never been so excited for Christmas and my dude LOVES the Christmas tree!!! We took his 1st Christmas pictures to send out in our cards yesterday after the doctor (and for those wanting to see picture of Spencer, I'm holding off until the end of the year and then I'll post all of my favorites).

Speaking of the doctor yesterday...

It was rough. They had a very difficult time drawing his blood and the crocodile tears were flowing. That just rips my heart out of my chest. Still, it's nice to know no one can comfort him like mommy can. Eventually they were able to get what they needed out of his foot but it offset his whole day. No trip to see Santa. He was crabby and slept most of the day away. He barely ate. Seeing him not being his goofy, joyful, energetic self hurts. I can't take his pain and I should be able to. I'M THE MOM!

But the day ended on good news (after an adult milkshake at B-Spot) and I know more than ever that you MUST count your blessings. You're a fool not to.

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