Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Moments That Make the Pain Hurt a Little Less: Vol. 1

1. Spencer rolled over at 24 days old. Our pediatrician says she doesn't even look for that until around 4 - 5 months. He's rolled over multiple times since then on both couch cushions and on the floor.

2. He was wiggling and fussing quite a bit while we were laying side by side. As soon as he moved himself close enough to make skin-to-skin contact by touching his head to my arm, he fell right to sleep.

3. When we were reunited in the NICU after 2 days apart, I wanted to move from the right side of his incubator to the left but didn't want him to think I was leaving him. So I talked kept talking so he'd know I wasn't leaving him. He followed my voice and turned his head. He knew my voice from the moment he was born.

4. He farts in his sleep. A lot. And I laugh.

5. When I read to him and use funny voices, he reacts. He seems both excited and interested. I try to read to him every day and luckily, thanks to hisbaunts, he has plenty of books. On the inside of the book we most recently got him, Todd wrote "I loved this book as a kid and I love you as a man".

6. People who don't like babies or have never held babies hold Spencer. He's so sweet and easy going that people feel comfortable handling him. He's a tiny guy, fresh out of the oven, and he has the ability to bring comfort to adults. And seeing people like Aunt Bizzle hold him brings ME comfort.

7. Baby clothes. Period.

8. From birth, Spencer has had three poses. He puts his fist under his chin like The Thinker, he rests his chin on the back of his open hand, very angelically, and he gentally lays one hand on his chest like he's taking pause. As he's grown, he's started putting his arms up like a goal post when he sleeps. And more recently, he started sleeping like me: one leg up in a figure 4 and one arm up above his head like he's disco dancing. Every move is effing adorable and I coo all over him like an annoying mom.

9. He puckers his lips a lot and I always tell him "If you're going to pucker, I'm going to kiss you". Then I plant one right on his lippers.

10. In the rare occasion that he cries for something other than food, I can soothe him.