Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hell On Earth: Update #1

No time to be cute of clever. Monday was the best day of our lives and Tuesday was the worst. While things have improved, Spencer has a ways to up before he can come home to Grayskull. Our hearts are just broken and our minds are exhausted. At least I'm getting discharged today and can sleep with Spencer at hospital #2. I know Todd, my dad, my sister, and various family members have been with him but he needs his mommy. He's the sweetest little boy and I haven't seen or touched him since 2:00 on Tuesday. I took holding him for granted, thinking I'd have every day of forever to do it. And now he's unwell and I'm not there! He has a blanket I cuddled with to get my scent on and a stuffed frog from my aunt because FROGS CAN ONLY MOVE FORWARD.

Just like the love of my life.

I love you, Spencer, and we'll be together soon.


  1. I'd normally take offense at someone making me all weepy and sentimental this early in the morning... but I guess you get a pass on this one. You're pulling all of my daddy heartstrings on this one (who knew there'd be so many?), and I can only wish you a speedy and happy reunion. Take care kiddo!