Sunday, August 28, 2011


I wish I had even 1% of the strength Spencer has. He is the strongest person I know. How did he get stuck with such a weakling for a mother? How am I going to toughen up for him? All I know right now is that holding him on my shoulder or kissing his cheek makes the pain temporarily stop. I can't hold him on my should and smell his hair for the rest of my life. Can I? I want to wake up from this nightmare. And I want Spencer to be there...and to be OK.


  1. i know it doesn't necessarily help in any tangible way, but all the love i have in my heart - i'm sending it all to you. use it up. turn it into strength. you're already so much stronger than you realize. <3

  2. Being a mom will make you SO strong in ways you never knew were possible! A month ago if someone asked you would you be able to deal with all the stuff you guys have gone through, your answer would have been no. But here are you, still going along and surviving, providing nothing but a happy home for Spencer filled with an unmeasurable amount of love! :) Stay strong, you'll get through all the medical trials and tribulations. There will be more. Just think back to this last month and realize that you can get through ANYTHING!